How many world wars were and how much they lasted?

mankind for centuries shook war.But in ancient times, they were not such a major character in the XX century.How many world wars had on the Earth?There were two conflicts: World War I and World War II.A huge amount of destruction, the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians - is the result of military companies.

concept of World War

Modern man of military conflicts, mostly know from the history books and feature films, documentaries.But not everyone understands the meaning of the term "World War."What does it mean, and how many world wars was that?

armed conflict, which involved several continents and draw at least twenty countries, called World War.Typically, these countries are united against a common enemy for them.In the modern history of these conflicts were two: in the early XX century, the First World War, and at the end of the 30s of the same century - the Second World War.In both of the armed conflict it has been drawn many countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Russia, the USA, Japan.All participating countries have suffered huge losses, causing a lot of grief to the population, death and destruction.So, how many world wars, their duration and outcome excite anyone interested in history.

Premonition conflict

European countries at the beginning of the new century were able to division into two opposing camps.The standoff was going between France and Germany.Each of these countries to seek allies in a future war.After all, for conducting it requires huge resources.In this confrontation England supported France, and Austria-Hungary - Germany.Fermentation started in Europe long before the Sarajevo sounded that shot in 1914, which became the start of hostilities.

for the overthrow of the monarchy in countries such as Russia and Serbia, the French Masons were inflammatory policy, pushing the state of war.How many world wars and the wars of the world does not matter, they all start with any one event becomes the starting point.So the attempt on the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria committed in Sarajevo in June 1914, was the reason for the introduction of the Austrian troops in Serbia.Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia officially July 15, 1914, and the next day had bombed Belgrade.


Slavic Serbia - Orthodox country.Russia has always been its patron.In this situation, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II could not stay away and asked the Kaiser's Germany not to support Austria-Hungary in the "ignoble" war.In response, the German ambassador, Count Pourtales, the Russian side presented a note to a declaration of war.

In a short time all the major nations of Europe went to war.Russia's allies were France and England.They fought against Germany and Austria-Hungary.Gradually, the war has been drawn 38 of the total number of population which numbered almost a billion people.What lasted World War?It lasted four years and ended in 1918.


seemed to experience the First World, the terrible loss of life had to be a lesson for the countries participating in the conflict.About how many world wars it was written in all school textbooks.But humanity comes the same mistake a second time: the conclusion of the World War I Treaty of Versailles did not satisfy countries like Germany and Turkey.Followed by territorial disputes, which increases the tension in Europe.In Germany, the Nazis intensified the movement, the country begins to sharply increase its military potential.

first of September 1939, Germany took military action and invaded Poland.This was the beginning of World War II.In response to Germany, France and Britain declared war on the aggressor, but did not have any support Poland, and it was very quickly occupied - for 28 days.How many years have lasted a world war that drew in the confrontation 61 countries of the world?It ended in 1945, in September.Thus, it lasted exactly 6 years.

main stages of World War II was the bloodiest war in human history.It was in this war was the first to use nuclear weapons.Against Nazi Germany rallied many states.It was the anti-Hitler bloc, whose members are: the Soviet Union, France, Greece, Great Britain, the USA, China and a number of countries.Many of them directly in the hostilities did not participate, but to give all possible assistance, delivering medicines, food.On the side of Nazi Germany, too, there were many countries: Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland.

main stages in this war be considered as periods:

  1. European Blitzkrieg Germany - from 1 September 1939 to 21 June 1941.
  2. attack on the Soviet Union - from 22 June 1941 to November 1942.The failure of Hitler's plan for Operation Barbarossa.
  3. From November 1942 until the end of 1943.At this time there is a change in the strategy of war.Soviet troops went on the offensive.And at a conference in Tehran with the participation of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt decided to open a second front.
  4. From 1943 to May 1945 - the stage, marked the victory of the Red Army to take Berlin and the capitulation of Germany.
  5. last stage - from May to September 2, 1945.This period of fighting in the Far East.Where American pilots to use nuclear weapons and attacked Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

victory over fascism

So in September 1945, World War II ended.What killed the soldiers and civilians, we can say only approximately.Until now, researchers have found the burial, which remained from the time of this brutal and devastating war for all mankind.

rough estimate of experts loss of all parties to the conflict amounted to 65 million people.Most of all countries participating in the war lost, of course, the Soviet Union.That's 27 million citizens.All blow fell on them, as the Red Army put up stubborn resistance to the Nazi invaders.But Russia's assessment of the number of victims is much higher, and represented figure is too low.How many world wars had on the planet, but such losses as in the Second, history has never known.Foreign experts agreed that the loss of the Soviet Union were the most formidable.It cites a figure of 42.7 million lives.