Answers to the question of how to create e-mail

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Mailbox Internet like a normal mailbox service, which comes correspondence.A distinctive feature is the instant delivery of messages and files, as well as an electronic version of letter writing.Service transmitting information from one user to another presupposes the existence of an account at one of the web resources and possibilities of the Internet.To use this feature, you must create an e-mail.On your computer, you can install software that lets you view the correspondence without running an Internet browser, store and process of writing.Advantages of the e-mail is still in the easy transfer of images.So, you can transfer digital photos to your computer and then send them to the addressee without waiting for printouts and without relying on the timely delivery of regular mail service.The user of the electronic box at the address of which will be sent files will receive the images immediately.

How to create email

box can be registered on any site that provides such an opportunity.First we need to open the site and go to Mail.Create a free e-mail allows you to monitor Web resources: Mail, Google, Yandex, Rambler, Qip and others.New users can easily find the icon "Register".In the form you must fill in all fields.Before creating an email, think about the title of the box and the key to it.The name is your address on the Internet, which users will send messages from your computer.We need to e-mail (e-mail) is well remembered.The key to the mail, rather, account password should be difficult, otherwise it will be easy to hack and get access to your information.For added security, and in case you forget your password, e-mail services are asked to link the account to a personal mobile phone number.

Best Practices mailbox

question of how to create e-mail, addressed now need to learn how to use it.To verify the existence of the box again, open the site and login to your mail.Interface web resource allows you to configure e-mail account, depending on your preference.You can change the design, formatting messages and create a signature.For the convenience of the letters they can sort, create the necessary folder.To write a letter, it is necessary to know the address to which to send it.When you click on "Write" to open the form in which you need to fill in the line "To", "Subject" and write the text.The form also has a format string and an icon "Attach a file".After completing all required actions, click "Submit".If done correctly, the message will appear in the sent messages.To deal with all the points of your email account, you need to use all the features of the service.Now you know not only how to create e-mail, but also how to use it.