Stamp pad printing

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Many office workers on the desk worth Stamp cushion, designed to soak stamps in special ink.Even if it is not visible at once, we can safely say that it is present, as in the current inventory for seals this device is hidden from the eye.


office workers and firms that deal with stamps, seals, numerators, a must stamp pad for printing.It provides a uniform and clear proofs that ensure meticulous accuracy in "paper" affairs.

Also these pads are used in decorative purposes.Their porous surface containing a predetermined quantity of ink, which can change the color of different materials.This excellent craftsmen have learned to use.

Without stamp pad seals use becomes impossible.Therefore, from the time of their invention for several millennia this device is an indispensable tool of people who are responsible for order in delovodstve.

Species diversity

This has already become a tradition that each manufacturer trying to improve this unpretentious attribute desktop.Perhaps many still remember Soviet stamp surfaces with paint that just dripped with seals and left messy footprints in the documents, fingers, clothing.

Since then, much has changed.There was replaceable ink pads, which is used in an automatic snap.It does not require refueling and may provide from 5 000 to 10 000 prints, depending on its quality.Contrary to her - reading pillow that is designed for hand stamps.But this is no longer a sponge, and a special porous material that does not even show that it is impregnated with a special liquid.

There are also single-color and multi-colored pillows.Multicolored only apply in automatic dies.They can not refuel because there is a risk of mixing colors.

There are also pillows with paint for official use, and handicrafts.Recent colors are rich, which is unacceptable in the official delovodstve.

types of printing

So, what stamp pillow is preferable depends on the type of seals used.The most simple - a hand print.Everything in life at least once have seen it dip into the paint and give the impression.It is a cheap option, which is mainly used for temporary purposes.And all because such print inconvenient to store and transport.Their surface is constantly dry and deepening clogged with dried paint, making vague impressions.

more practical use of automated equipment.This is a special device, which is hidden with a print of the stamp.To leave a trace on the surface, is enough to put the device in the desired location and click on top of him.The system will deploy printing in the right direction and give a clear impression.

This stamp device is in constant contact with the paint.It does not dry up and does not clog.

used paint

always need to know exactly what to buy stamp pads.The paint that is used for filling them, plays a significant role.

most common - a stamp water-based paint.It gives a clear deep color when used on paper surfaces.Thus the material should be as porous to water soak and evaporate rather quickly.This perfectly meets the requirements of office paper.

Alcohol inks are used in cases where the stamped surface completely unable to absorb the liquid.This metal, plastic, wood, glass.After leaving the impression alcohol evaporates in seconds.This allows you to get resistant to abrasion and smearing the stamp mark.

Less often used paint, oil-based.They are completely unsuitable for use in offices, because they give a fat track, able to pass through several sheets of paper.But in the production of this ink is indispensable.Abandoned by her mark on the non-porous surface is quite difficult to deduce.Some experts believe that it is impossible.Operating rules

stamp pad

The first thing to keep in mind that this device is easily saturated with volatile liquids.Therefore Stamp cushion for printing must be closed.Also it is necessary to keep it away from heat sources: batteries, heaters, kettles and direct sunlight.Otherwise, it eventually dry up.Most current models are contraindicated refueling.From this pillows lose their properties and begin to leave blots with impressions.

If the pillow can be refilled, for these purposes, use only the recommended stamp paint the same color as the pillow.The ideal situation would be if the booster cushion and the paint will be a single manufacturer.In this case it is easy to avoid conflict of colors and ingredients.

sure that the pillow is not contaminated by extraneous dyes or other litter, such as dust or water.If you follow all the rules, then the device will last you much longer than 10,000 prints.

Color wealth

Regulations prescribe the type of seal and stamp must conform to one or another color.Therefore, no one in the document does not use ink in its sole discretion.

most common colors - a blue and black.Blue prints left most formal round seals.Black is more common in the corner square stamp Date stamps and dater.

Prohibitory Seals failures are usually red in color.Also it is used, and some non-governmental health organizations, such as, for example, the "Red Cross".

But allowing stamps accepted to do green.This is some symbolism: Green always opens the door to those who need it.

For some organizations and divisions use the prescribed proofs of several colors.There are black and red, blue and red, red, blue and green.For this purpose, a special stamp theft, which the manufacturer pre-divided into sectors, to prevent the mixing of colors.

In order to craft

recently emerged a kind of needlework, which was named scrapbooking.His goal - making cards, calendars, albums and notebooks.It uses a variety of materials and techniques to achieve maximum decorative effect.

Widespread among needlewomen received stamp pads for scrapbooking.They differ from the office is not only a wealth of colors, but also some design features.

Primarily these pillows perform shading surfaces.Therefore cancellous bone protruding slightly above the edge of the box.Also, manufacturers have taken care of ergonomic packaging because the box itself often has to hold.Those who have mastered this art, it is unlikely once abandon it.

Where to buy?

good stamp pad should only be sold in a specialty store.In the markets of the device may be cheaper, but not the fact that its service life is at least half of which is stated in the outlet stores.

for scrapbooking cushions are sold mainly in the departments of needlework.Although in recent years even some stationery is not against craftswomen offer the opportunity to supplement their collection with new colors stamps.