How to improve your computer without financial investments

You can find a lot of different reasons, leading to a decrease in computer performance.It can happen a lot: the registry becomes clogged, a large number of files will be damaged, etc.The reason for this may be illegal pirated software without automatic updates as updates contain important components, correct the error, which greatly affects the speed.

If you use licensed software and update it constantly, then set out below tips on how to improve your computer, you can help.Suffice it to try a little bit, and the result will not take long.All tools and settings are absolutely free.

Check for viruses

If you have a computer slows down, it is not always to blame viruses, but in most cases the reason for it is in them.How to improve the performance of your computer by removing all the viruses?Spending large sums paid for a license antivirus is not necessary because you can download a free version of the homepage, for example, Avira or Avast.Thus, your computer is free from 95% of malicious spyware and viruses.Otherwise, if you - a busy man, and use your computer solely for business purposes, keeping valuable information on it, you pay the license software will be most effective and will bring the maximum protection.

Clean and defragment the hard disk

processor needs a lot of free hard disk space for proper processing.Obviously, if a hard drive packed to music, movies, documents, games and programs, the appropriate speed is not worth waiting.Go to "Control Panel" Windows, run the Disk Cleanup.There will also be the "Defragment" which is similar to the run.Repeat these actions should be weekly to maintain performance.

Clean and defragment registry

What would you have installed the application or in the Windows registry information is recorded.Even if the installation was followed by the removal, the register is not cleared, clog over time, more and more, which naturally slows down the work.There are many designs for cleaning the registry, but CCleaner - the most effective and popular program speed up your computer.It will clear the registry of damaged or invalid entries and defragment it.This is one of the easiest ways of how to improve the performance of your computer.

Remove and uninstall all unnecessary

With the aforementioned CCleaner (which, as you recall, refers to the "optimization program the computer"), you can easily remove all the temporary files that are not used by the system, clear the cache and history.After cleaning the whole system trash can at the same time feel the difference in speed.If your desktop, there are some themes, then remove them immediately.Also pay attention to the unused software that takes the place and resources.

Remove all visual effects design

clear that an animated menu icons, wallpaper on your desktop - it's beautiful and sometimes very useful, but they take up memory, so remove them as soon as possible by setting the classic themeand removing all the special effects.Right-click an empty area of ​​the desktop.In the "Personalization" do it.

After reading this article, you learned how to improve your computer without spending money.Unfortunately, it may happen that the speed of change.Then you need to reinstall Windows, and if this does not work, then seriously think about an upgrade of your PC / Laptop.