How to play Crazy Monkey?

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Slot machines have a special place in the industry and are very popular among those who enjoy gambling pastime.Despite the fact that there are always new and new slots, Crazy Monkey (slot machine) does not lose its relevance.Among his admirers are many old-timers, who are familiar with gambling for many years, and beginners who have decided to have fun and a little rich, if you're lucky.

history monkey slot

There was this miracle still in the 70s of the last century.At first there were a few cars that were standing in the hall of the famous Las Vegas among the many similar.Drawing attention to the increased interest from visitors, the administration has decided to increase their number.All the same people build in line to play it with a crazy monkey, even fought for the machine from time to time.Since the company to produce "monkeys" of the first, has not had time to patent them, this idea very quickly intercepted and other manufacturers have launched similar machines.But none of them has gained such popularity as the "Crazy Monkey" Number 1. Gradually novelty spread across the globe, becoming an essential attribute of a casino in countries where gambling was not forbidden.In the CIS, the main manufacturer of this product is the company "Igrosoft."

Despite the prohibition of gambling business in many countries, Crazy Monkey not gone into oblivion.Very soon moved casinos on the Internet to allow fans of card games, roulette and slots to play legitimately, without leaving home, in a comfortable environment.And many of them are actively using this opportunity by visiting the casino online.For most people, the machine Crazy Monkey - not just a program with pictures that move, and a real chance to improve their financial well-being.

features a slot machine "Crazy Monkey"

Of all the slot machines "Crazy Monkey" among the top three according to experts.Firstly, Crazy Monkey - a slot machine, a very simple and easy to understand.To try your luck on the slot, do not need to learn or know any rules.Exceptionally - luck.Secondly, the game is not required for fabulous sums to bet.Its size alone can determine the player, depending on the chosen settings.In addition, there is always the opportunity to work out or simply to knock on edge by playing for free.Fortunately the majority of Internet resources, specializing in slots, allow it to do at any time and without having to register.For those who are not pursuing material inquisition from his gambling hobby, just like the "twist drum", often spend their free time on the network, without losing absolutely nothing.

course, such positive features can boast many virtual machines.But still the main feature of the competition for which often is compared simulators slot machines - a program granting winning combinations.Each machine is present.Developers create it so that the casino does not remain in the red, with the care and the fact that the players have not lost interest in the slot permanently losing.And it does not depend on how much money put into play a particular person, and of the total.That's why it sometimes happens that, after a thousand, one goes with anything, and someone manages to hit the jackpot almost the first turn.

essence of the game

Virtual simulators slot machines, like their predecessors, are of the same essence.The user makes a bet and plays at his own expense, trying to multiply.On the screen there are three lines at each of five windows with images.The player's task - to build a combination of these images, which implies an increase in the amount bet several times.The pay table for each service provider's own.It can be viewed in the corresponding window in the machine.The number of lines is set by the user as the size of the bet.

Any win you can double or even triple by clicking on the appropriate button for the bonus game.There will need to open one of four cards.If it is more advantages than open initially monkey, winning is doubled.Do you want to continue?Still has a chance to increase the amount.Include your psychic abilities and intuition and act.If you do not want to take risks, to continue the game by spinning the reels.

also provided supergame if the same field at the same time would be three characters monkeys in any order.This is the most attractive point in the Crazy Monkey.How to win?Just pull on the rope, making a total of five pieces, and see what prize is hidden there.If you got a banana for the monkey, the player receives a piece of cake in the form of a certain amount.If she gets a hard on the head with bricks or - back with nothing.Playing high stakes, you can get a helmet to protect monkeys from the blow, which allows to continue the race for the prize, despite the setback.Manage slot comes with the keys under the window of the playing field.

slot Crazy Monkey: how to win

It's not a secret that the gaming machine - a program that is able to both take and give.Guess when the machine will decide to share finances, almost unreal.Especially if it is a virtual game.Earlier, before the legislative measures, some people have learned to turn the like.Just watched a particular machine, waiting for him to be satisfied at the expense of other players.Then he sat down to play themselves, and received a big win very soon.This time in the past.In the era of virtual casinos question "Crazy Monkey how to win?" Takes on a tactical and systemic implications.Watch others playing at your own computer, it is impossible, but a display of observation, some experts of this sector still managed to come up with a scheme of how to outwit the program and get a good win, no matter what percentage of return established developers.


Those who often play online casino, certainly has repeatedly thought about how to increase your chances for a good profit.Very often there are offers to buy software robots, bugs, help in this matter.Say for sure about their effectiveness difficult.Most of them are ordinary fraud and useless.There are those who are able to bring some results, but to rely on their effectiveness is constantly stupid.They also very often wrong.In addition, such tricks very soon fixed administration sites, resulting in the blocking of the user account without the ability to withdraw funds from the system.Because for such illegal methods to resort strictly not recommended.

pull the rope!

nezapreschёnnye better to use techniques and observations noted by other players in Crazy Monkey.How to win more and lose less?Your chance - it supergame.Here you need to guess the rope behind which lurk bananas.There is a certain sequence of selection, following which, according to some fans of monkeys, you can win.Proceed as follows: - pull the rope in the sequence 1, 3, 5, 4 and 2. Or just a row one after the other.Many managed to reach the goal is for such a system.They argue that the probability of a positive result of more than 70 percent.And it is better than the random act.

final round

If you managed to get round with bananas, guess where the hidden bonus, a player is redirected to the tour, where it can be increased.Your goal - to guess the biggest factor for this.Try always to stop the choice on the table on the left.Experienced experts say it is more often is cherished number.It is likely that such a software idea, so is the risk.


bonus game in the bonus game where you can double the winnings, also has its own secrets.The first is that if you have not guessed the card, the next time push it away.Almost always it is to hide the program that you need, ostensibly second consecutive player will not open it.If from the beginning the bonus round you have managed to open a successful card, do not change the traditions, then choose it only a few times in a row.Then try another.Happened?Proceed further along the same lines.

rotating drum

This option, like the others, does not give an absolute guarantee of winning, but it makes sense to try.The essence is to select lines.Starting the game, he made ten starts with one line, then place three and make another rotation.Next, you need to activate all 9 and also play once.Again, put a three to one turn and run superrezhim - 10 spins with a maximum bet and nine active lines.Step risky, of course, but a gambler happy to hold such an experiment to verify its effectiveness and expose.

known in human history, millions of cases of people descend into the status of the casino, we lost all remaining penniless and with a bunch of debt.But we know and many happy occasions when players managed to disrupt the big jackpot and the jackpot.Because it is important to remember the prudence of his hobby and treat the game as a game, not a vital significant event.Good luck!