How to draw Elsa of "cold heart"?

¬ęThe Cold Heart" - as favorite animated film that probably no child who would not have looked.Moreover, several times.I'm sure many girls are interested in how to draw Elsa of "cold heart"?


cartoon "The Cold Heart" was created by the plot is already a favorite of Andersen's fairy tales "Snow Queen".We have a sister Elsa Anna.She's funny and brave girl.Elsa cursed his sister.In the kingdom of eternal winter comes.Anna decides to do everything to curse ceased to operate.At the climber Kristoff, which has a deer Sven Olaf and Snowman Anna begins to search for Elsa.A lot of obstacles will have to pass on the way to the icy heart of the sisters.Now let's see how to draw a princess Elsa in full growth.If you have patience, then each of you will get a fine picture.Maybe I have a little practice.

How to draw Elsa of "cold heart"?

should begin to draw from the head.Take a sheet of paper and, since its top, start to work.We draw a circle.In it we draw two lines.One vertical and one horizontal.We outline the eye.They should be located above the horizontal line.At the bottom of the circle you need to outline your mouth.Draw the nose.Now draw out lines of the face and left ear.In the eyes of the pupils portray and add eyelashes.Dorisovyvat eyebrows.Then you need to give shape to the mouth, lips draw.The next step is to draw hair.Next draw a neck.We go down and draws his shoulders.We represent the line of the back and arms.Dorisovyvat dress.Elsa is a scythe.It is also necessary to draw slung over his shoulder.At the tip of the spit in her small flower.On the need to draw the folds of the dress and separate hoses.We represent the mantle.Now you can paint Woman pens or pencils.So we figured out how to draw Elsa of "cold-hearted".Go ahead.


Elsa the Snow Queen is very beautiful.It is not surprising that many people want to paint it exactly.Another option how to draw a pencil Elsa, can be found here.As usual, when the image of man sketched head.Drawing auxiliary lines.Select the contours of the face and ear.Now draw the eye.To draw the eyes of Elsa, you need to have the talent and patience, as they have very beautiful Snow Queen.Draw a slightly mixed by each other eyebrow.We represent the rest of the face: the mouth and nose.Do not forget about the eyelashes.At the top of the head draw voluminous hair, which leads to a large scythe.She's Elsa slung over his shoulder.Start drawing the neck and torso.We represent the top of the dress.Figure ready.It can be colored or simply to give shade.So, we figured out how to draw Elsa from "Cold Heart."But do not forget about Anna.

Anna Anna - bold optimist.It does not have the elegance, which has her sister.However, this does not prevent it from being charming.Anna has always been a redhead.However, after the incident, she remains a white lock of hair.Now, her hair began to turn white.Anna short stature and is the owner of beautiful blue eyes.Now try to draw it.Depict the circle for the head.From him are conducting the neckline and shoulders shape in the form of an arc.Then you need to draw the shape of the face and ear.On the forehead there is Anna bangs.We draw all the details of the face: the eyes, nose, mouth.Do not forget about the eyelashes and eyebrows.Anna wears two pigtails.They are and should be represented on the shoulders of the girl.Dorisovyvat her blouse with a collar.All unnecessary erase.It now remains only to paint the picture.


The protagonists of the cartoon began to Hans, Anne and Christophe.Interestingly, they got their names for a reason, and in honor of Hans Christian Andersen.In the cartoon a lot of songs.Of the 109 minute duration of the film, 24 minutes away on the performance of the songs.Cartoon "The Cold Heart" won the Golden Globe for best feature film.Hart first called Thor, but as projects MARVEL already have such a character, it decided to rename Sven.According to the plot of the original Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen was originally a negative character, and they remained throughout history.In modern interpretation, it just has a gift.But deal with it on their own, it can not.Elsa in some moments strongly reminiscent of the well-known Kaya.Gerda, respectively, became the prototype sister Elsa.By the way, "The Cold Heart" maid of honor called Gerda and butler - Kai.Kristoff - character modeled after atamansha daughter of "The Snow Queen".

Another interesting fact from the film.When Anna sang a song during the coronation of Elsa, among the guests present all known Rapunzel.In trading on the shelves of the shop there are equally well-known Mickey Mouse.Throughout the film there is a change in clothes Elsa.At the beginning of the film it modest, but when she takes her gift and becomes more unfettered, and the outfit she is more open.

Talking about how to draw Elsa, do not forget that the nature of her cruel.Based on this, it is necessary to make the image.Eyebrows should be shifted to give rigor.But at the same time, Elsa has incredible beauty.It is necessary to try very hard to connect all these qualities in the figure.