How to restore the pension insurance certificate in the short term?

Everyone has some important personal documents.Typically, such documents are issued once.Their replacement is carried out either by specific reforms undertaken by the government or a change of personal data (for example, when you change your name, if not the information on the card) or if they are lost when the hope of finding does not already exist.All other shifts such documents are illegal.There are two basic positions for human identification: a passport and a certificate of compulsory pension education.An important question is how to restore the pension insurance certificate or passport in case of loss, given that each of these documents must be present in every adult as working and unemployed.

On paper

insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance is a small plastic card greenish color with the number of accounts required for enrollment of insurance funds, allowing in the future to do the calculations when receiving pensions.Personalized cards.In particular, they contain personal data describing the person: last name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, and date of issue of the certificate.

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Turnaround time

passport obtained upon reaching 14 years of age.But documents for pension certificate is usually issued with the first device to work through insurance agents or directly at the nearest branch of the Pension Fund.First of all to get the document you need to fill out a questionnaire, based on which, taking into account the data of passport is issued a plastic card.

loss and recovery

What if a person has lost a pension certificate?The document is one of those that are necessary for a job, which is a future pension expense, is so important that it must need to get more time (the number itself is stored, issued only a new plastic card).

How to recover a pension insurance certificate?

This question bothers so many, so very often lose the document.The first step is to write an application for a second embodiment of a plastic card.It is served in a branch of the Pension fund or through an employer or a person within one month from the date of loss.When there is a question about how to restore the pension insurance certificate, to the person who lost the document, there may be additional questions necessary to confirm his identity.Only by checking all the data to examine the circumstances of loss of the document within a month will make the restoration of a plastic card.

Not to worry about how to restore the pension insurance certificate or other document, rather attentive to their storage, determining a safe place for it.

Good luck and do not lose your documents!