It is necessary to change the legal address: procedures and features selection

That place is firm, it does not matter, because it is a physical location.If it is carried out on a network of shops or of some representative of the firm, which has offices across the country, the physical address can be vast.Another thing - officially documented the "face" of the company, a place where theoretically should work constantly and be a director.Change of address easily enough, although it requires some training in terms of documents and internal meetings.Depending on what form of activity at the enterprise varies and necessary course of action.

change of legal address of the company may be necessary for several reasons.Most often this occurs because of disagreements with the tax authority at the place of the current registration.The organization not to share something with checks may be under their close supervision, which will only increase.Such officials are able to find fault with anything, and regular withdrawals accounting will be commonplace.

That is why it is necessary to change the legal address of the organization.The most favorable option in this case would be the use of special "clusters", which have already been registered many other companies.There are special companies that collect a small fee and provide information about where the company is best positioned to avoid the attention of inspection bodies.Or help you to find an inspector who will be the most loyal in the performance of official duties.

Today, change of address without hassle is quite difficult.This is due to the fact that the regions where there is a large number of opening and closing companies a month, trying to improve the economic security by introducing additional criteria for testing.Such procedures, though a little complicate the lives of ordinary legal entities, but helps to effectively fight the scammers.

Procedure for Change of registered office is to provide the authority conducting the registration of legal persons, the following list of required documents:

  • Statements made changes in the register, and the constituent documents of the company.
  • Protocol or solution produced by the participants of the change of address of the company.
  • Receipt of state duty payment.
  • Charter of the firm or of amendments to it, in the amount of two copies.
  • copy of the current articles of association, as well as a request for a backup copy thereof.
  • receipts for making money in the account of the state fee for the provision of archival copies of the charter company.
  • guarantee letter from the owner or lease.

In the same way there is a change of the legal address of JSC, LLC and other forms of legal entities.All documents provided to the registration authority, and within the allotted period is a change of location of the company.The main thing - to approach the selection of a new office with the mind, so as not to have to start the whole procedure from the beginning.