How to format the drive on your computer

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If your computer often arise all kinds of errors that can not always be eliminated by means of the system recovery, sometimes you have to resort to drastic measures, for example, format the hard drive.Also, if a new hard drive, it is recommended to format, thereby prepare it for full operation of the file system.For those who do not know how to format the disk, we have prepared this article.

So, in order.Formatting the hard drive - the process of creating the markup structure, which in future will help ensure access to the data.Format is of two types: high-level or low level.

high-level formatting creates a table boot sectors, that is, writes the file system structure.This type of formatting is needed to the hard disk can be used as the core, which will install the operating system.As you have seen, setting the disk to install the system, applied this method of formatting.Furthermore, as noted above, the method of low-level format.With the help of it, is counting on the disk sector and tracks.Making such a format, keep in mind all of the data on the hard drive will be erased, and they can not be restored.Low-level formatting is applied for the destruction of data, or if the disc contains broken sector.As a low-level format the drive way?At home, it can be done only at the factory, using special equipment.Although the market software programs are available that mimic such formatting.For domestic purposes it is enough.

Before I answer the question about how to format the drive, talk about the kinds of file systems.In almost all cases it is recommended to use a file system NTFS or FAT32.The second is outdated and almost never used as severely restricts the size of partitions that are created for the storage of data.If you have a modern computer with on board Sata hard drive and installed one of the latest versions of Windows, to mark the hard disk it is recommended to use NTFS.

cluster size is recommended to install one that is specified by default, it is suitable for the majority of tasks carried out by ordinary users.

How to format the drive in Windows?If you want to format the hard disk or partition that does not have the operating system, then you should go to My Computer.Then right-click to select the desired disc, a menu in which to select the "Format Disk".This procedure can be done by going to the "Disk Management", it can be done by right-clicking on the My Computer icon - Management.Recall formatted this way can only be discs that do not have an operating system, otherwise not be able to format the drive.

How to format the drive on which the operating system?For this method, you need a boot disk Windows, or third-party programs, such as Acronis Disc Director.During the pre-load (provided that you have exhibited in the BIOS to boot from the respective carrier), you should choose a boot disk or program.After that, to partition the disk.