Integration: definition, types, stages

Politics and Economics - two interconnected lines that define the life of the state.In the modern era of integration issues become particularly acute formation of international economic and political, monetary unions.

«Integration » - define more precisely the notion, which is regarded in politics, sociology, political science, philosophy.In each of the sciences, it is defined as a unity, convergence, fusion of any phenomena, concepts, operations, systems, and so on. D. Traditionally, to talk about the international economic and political integration.

political integration - a number of measures taken to bring together several political entities (states, parties) for co-operation, which is equally beneficial to all parties.In other words, it is the formation of some of the complex inter-party political system and international level.This integration requires the creation of formal and informal bodies, institutes to jointly regulate and resolve various issues.A distinctive feature of states that have taken the path of political integration, can be considered not only the existence of common interests, and values.

If the state negotiates integration test, not only the mutual expectations and satisfy them in the process of political rapprochement, this process will be fruitful and long-term perspective.Otherwise, the political integration between certain countries has run its course.

While "integration » - determination, that is the term that emphasizes voluntary association of states in the most favorable conditions for them, it requires careful and thorough preparation.And the work of the Union requires a quality control and management.Naturally, all this - it is not a day, month or year.Steps include the integration of a number of measures and decisions from the economic level and ending with the political.

Integration steps :

  1. starting any integration at the international level is considered to be trade agreements.Countries interested in rapprochement, provide each other more favorable conditions of the market of goods and services than other countries.
  2. next stage of convergence - a free trade zone that acts among the partners.It cancels tariffs, developed a common trading strategy.All this is controlled and coordinated by a specially constituted body of representatives of allied countries.
  3. Customs Union - is one more link in the chain of general integration, its introduction requires a higher level of relations between the partner countries.Given that the term 'integration' - namely the definition of union relations, at this stage, there is a process of establishing a duty-free trade, the abolition of the national customs tariff of each participating State Union, the creation of a common system of non-tariff trade with other countries.In addition, for the customs union characterized by the free movement of services and goods within the integrating states.
  4. After the formation of the customs union created common to the Member States market.And it is not only the market of goods and services, and capital to move freely on the international level, as well as the free movement of labor.Thus, member countries created a common economic policy and its controls and coordination.The EU is engaged in addressing these issues, the European Council, where the Heads of State and Government of the EU Council of Ministers and the Secretariat of the EU.
  5. even higher level of integration - coordination of economic policies at the macro level, at the level of the budget, currency, money supply.Domestic laws are adapted to these new requirements, and the economic policies of each country participating more and more construction taking into account the interests and needs of integrating other parties.This is reflected in the legislative and administrative organs of the international level.
  6. highest level of integration is considered to be the formation of political alliances or political integration.Thus, the term "integration" -determination, giving an idea of ​​the gradual, step by step process of rapprochement on the basis of mutual interests.