Charging the front of the TV: Exercise "for the lazy"

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On weekends, we spend a lot of time watching TV or just sitting in a chair with a book or magazine.Or settling down for a long time in front of computer.It is clear that the lack of movement for the body does not benefit, but you sit back and be lazy so nice.

To give your muscles the load and without sacrificing a pleasant habit, go charging straight in front of TV.Perform a small set of exercises in his chair - and figure out your health and it will only benefit.

1. Move to the edge of the chair, straighten your legs and put them on the floor.Lean direct hands on the armrests, cave, threw back his head and looked at the ceiling, take a deep breath, then return to starting position and exhale.

2. Starting position: sitting on the edge of the chair, push the back of the blade and bent his hands grab the top of it.Straighten your legs and put them on the floor.Then lift straight leg up as high as possible, inhale, slowly lower your leg to the starting position and exhale.

3. Move to the edge of the chair, place your hands in the seat, straighten your legs, putting their heels on the floor.

crook of his arm, slowly descend and sit on the floor with the legs at the knees do not bend.Then, straightening the arms, return to starting position.

4. Sit on the edge of the chair, straighten your legs, put your feet on the floor.Raise your arms to the sides, inhale, then bend without bending your knees, and try to get his hands toes - exhale.

5. Move to the edge of the chair seat in Abut palms fingers look back.Straighten your legs and put them on the floor.Then, bend your knees and giving the body forward, try to sit on your heels.Breathe out.Then, straightening the legs back to the starting position and inhale.

6. Lean straight arms on the chair arms, then bend your arms, pull the socks and put the shin on the seat, sit on your heels.Snuggle blades to the back and take a breath.Then, bending his arms, sit on the seat and lower the legs to the floor and exhale.

Each exercise is repeated 5-6 times.

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