Spring-summer Italian luxury and pajamas from Dolce

Spring-summer 2009 collection by Dolce & amp; Gabbana, the models and bags from which we have already mentioned, it is surprising luxury materials, silhouettes and unusual heterogeneity of style.

According to the designers of the brand, this time they were inspired by the baroque period costume of the Italian aristocracy, which you can judge for yourself, read the entire collection in our gallery.

At the heart of the new collection of the famous brand - geometric shapes circle, rectangle, pentagon, and trapezoid, and these figures determine the silhouettes of most models.A characteristic feature of the design are trapezoidal skirts, enlarged shoulders and sleeves in the form of curly "Lantern".

light and soft dresses, jackets and skirts perfectly keep their shape due to the rigid inner structure and durable seams.

In the spring-summer 2009 collection by Dolce & amp; Gabbana used the most luxurious fabrics: Mikado, satin duchesse, brocade, fringed chiffon, crinoline ribbons of tulle, satin and silk.It impresses with its lavish costumes and decoration, which is dominated by floral motifs and appliqu├ęs.

deserve special attention and accessories.Fancy belt, made of various decorations, once belonged to someone else in the family, and who have found a new use.

Among the accessories: bow ties with antique embroidery, flowers and precious stones;necklace, made up of new and vintage beads;manually by flowers in organza and crepe de chine.

Dopolyayut collection of handmade handbags made from python, coconut fibers, nubuck and suede, decorated with lacquered embroidery and sequins.To match the outfits - and the new shoes from Dolce & amp; Gabbana: vintage high-heeled shoes and shoes with three-layer platform.

The color palette is dominated by black collection, burgundy, blue, blue, cream, pink, gold and brown hues.

addition to "geometric vintage" design and luxurious materials, the spring-summer collection is surprising even heterogeneity of style: with brocade and satin evening dresses and lush wedding dresses neighboring countries variations on the theme of pajamas and silk bathrobes, and sometimes the two styleseven mixed in one outfit.

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