How to win the lottery?

After a series of unsuccessful attempts often comes to mind is the idea?that the gain in the lottery practically impossible to obtain.But playing the lottery people!And not just a game - almost every day becomes aware of any lucky ones who managed to derail the coveted jackpot.The question then arises of how to win the lottery.Is there a proven method to get lucky by the tail, or it's still a matter of chance?On this question there is no single opinion, as different players, with large and small experience, think differently.However, there are those who believe that they still managed to reveal the secret and to develop an effective strategy for the game.One of these people - a Klaus Joel.

This experienced player wrote a book about his technique, which is called "The Messenger."After reading this book almost every second there is a desire to try his luck, and he says to himself: "I want to win the lottery."In this book, the author tells how to win the lottery, using the power of human thought and imagination.Joel confident that they can be used to achieve unprecedented success and realize their dreams come true.In order to prove the viability of his theory, he chose to play in lotteries.The author of this method, using their imagination, mentally "tolerated" in the future, there he learned the necessary information, through which, and received a prize in a lottery.

Earlier Joule had to work pretty hard on construction sites and farms.He also engaged in repair of apartments.But he was not going to spend my life, and began to develop its own way of attracting good luck in your life.After the method of "foresight" and attract luck was ready, Joel has set for itself the goal to make it with the help of 3.6 million US dollars.It was assumed that some of the money to be received from the lottery games.The results were simply stunning - a few weeks, he won more than a hundred times!

Well?Are you ready to find a way to win the lottery?Method successful game who invented Joel, is based on a special technique of guessing the winning number.To do this in his book, the author recommends this method.First of all, you need to find a quiet place to retire and focus on yourself fully immersed in their feelings.For this purpose, select the quietest room where not be able to prevent any background noise or someone from the household.Then - get comfortable on the couch or in a chair and close your eyes.That's all you need to be able to fully relax.Now imagine a moving train.It represents your life, and the station on his way - this event and the days that it happen.Count the number of days remaining before the lottery, in which you wish to receive a prize.Now, the train starts to move off to the next station, and you go on a trip!

Mentally Pass on his train exactly the number of stations, number of days left before the expected event, and exit on the right.For example, if the results of the lottery will be announced five days later, exit at the fifth station.After the train stopped, and you come out, find the nearest seller of newspapers, buy a publication with a table of the results of the lottery drawing in which you choose to participate.Find a winning combination, note the number and go back to the way back to the house.Once you arrive at the station of departure, it can be assumed that the imaging procedure is completed.Now we have to buy if you have not before they bought lottery tickets, fill them and wait for luck will turn and face you fall through the lottery jackpot, if not, the big win!

method described at first glance seem too simple, but in practice it turns out that this is not true.First, you need to have a person had a good imagination, because it is not so easy to detail and imagine all of the above so as not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts and clearly keep in mind the image.Secondly, you need to have an excellent short-term memory, so as not to lose and not to confuse the road a couple of numbers.This is, after one such trip will seem that way to Joel inefficient and it will stop using it.The author argues that for a positive result and you have to train first attempt to win in the draw may turn out a failure.But if you train the imagination, and the exercise is repeated often, the subconscious mind begins to bring the man advantage, drawing in his life of wealth, success and the desired results.

now you know at least one way to win the lottery.Whether it is suitable to you or not, it remains to be seen.But in any case it is worth trying to listen to your subconscious mind.