Lena Lenina: How to teach a man to take care of themselves?

"study statistics hiking men in beauty salons in the world. The Russian peasants were so well manicured as Africans New Guinea, Zimbabwe and Nicaragua. In France and Spain, on the contrary, the number of women and men, for example, a pedicure is identical.

Are our macho themselves do pedicures? Or do not do? Or do they make their mom? Shuddering at the thought, trying to think what to say to Russian men that they were ashamed, and they began to go regularly cut their hair and nails.

Or maybe blame the organizers of beauty salons in which all the parts give men understand - a female territory and they do not belong here? Why do not like strollers newborns: left rosy, right all golubenky? Yes, and in our networkmanicure studio Lena Lenina, hand on ... which puts football, the same number of pink prevails over the rest of the rainbow. Although my bees is a hundred times better to do pedicure man than any mother.And pink flowers in the men's clothing collections of Western fashion has broken all records, while all of the women disappeared.

And why hairdresser or spa will not install next to the battery of women's creams and lipsticks same largest showcase of the male cosmetic products?And then the French giggle that Russian women - the most well-groomed and beautiful in the world, and Russian men like bears, overgrown eyebrows, mustache and hair in other crumpled clothes sitting as elegant as the homeless.

Maybe it all is that men are afraid of being raised on laughter?Being accepted for the metrosexuals, or something worse?Or maybe women do not give them a birthday, 14 th or 23 th of February a subscription for a manicure?And know whether women terrible statistics that office cosmetologist visited less than 1% of men?This means that even men are not all sweet to go.Or perhaps our macho afraid of injections?How do I laughingly told a nurse at the Paris laboratory blood sampling, faints every third man and more and more of this kind of courageous as truck drivers.Yes, brave soldiers most in life are afraid of injections!Although physicians are the most compliant patients and women clearly perform the disposal of Aesculapius.

Do you know why men go to the salons of statistics?8% - of respectable appearance, which helps in the business, and 80% - because the wife made.

In general, if we want to do our civilized men, we must act.To teach him to massage, for example, the first 10-15 times go together.During this time he developed a reflex of Pavlov dogs.In Spa Bontabelle on Novocheremushkinskaya is, for example, such a steam service "tender for two" in the program: sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi with sea salt, body scrub and a general relaxing massage with essential oils, moisturizing the skin, nice music and herbal teas.Muzhchinka cease to be afraid and tremble in the presence of his woman, relax, and then get used to.Or maybe men fused with their cars, do not like the salons without convenient parking, because it forgot to pass the 200 meters?So tell them hairdresser manicure or shopping malls.

And the most delicate and sensitive issue in the female-male relationships.And how to make so that our man smelled nice?International Corporation for the sale of chewing gum and candy from the smell of mouth has done its job - the man learned to stuff into his mouth with a kiss chemistry.And traders deodorants succeeded - for days, millions in advertising on TV are investing.But to convince the men that the cigarette is not only cancer, but also the smell becomes such that you do not want to kiss just anyone.Or explain that alcohol makes them not only pregnant, but evil-smelling, and when the sweat comes out and turns hellish smell that men themselves, by the way, do not notice, and us, especially at certain times, the gates of it.

short, do something that it is not tearing your stockings with their claws, and that you will not be ashamed to present it to her friends.Although very beautiful and nice man that's dangerous - obscured.Therefore I propose to teach him grooming the body, that was a pleasure in the intimate communion, but to dress as a collective farmer to girlfriend looks.We save on menswear - a great motto during the economic crisis! ".