How to insulate a loggia yourself?

Warming glazed loggia allows, though not particularly, but still increase the living space of the apartment.On this balcony if desired, you can arrange a small office, workshop or bedroom.To learn how to insulate a loggia on their own, discussed later in the article.

work stages

loggia Winterizing involves a sequence of works:

  1. Preparation of the surface of walls, ceiling and floor.
  2. installation batten.
  3. Warming ceiling.
  4. Warming and parapet walls.
  5. Waterproofing floor.
  6. floor insulation.
  7. vapor barrier device.
  8. Sheathing balconies finishing material.

On peculiarities of all these measures will talk a little lower.First, it helps to understand with what materials are suitable for wall, ceiling and floor loggia best.

Choosing insulation

question of how to insulate a loggia own, rests primarily in the choice of a suitable insulator.In the case of the balcony arrangement typically use "Penoplex" or mineral wool.Both of these materials vary quite good insulating properties.A disadvantage of mi

neral wool is that it is able to absorb moisture, thus losing its protective properties."Penoplex" is quite flammable.One of the most popular varieties of mineral wool is fairly new to the Russian market of glass fiber material - insulation "Isover".Let's see what specific advantages and disadvantages it is different, there are some reviews about it, whether to use it on the balcony at all.

Insulation "Isover".Advantages and disadvantages

official manufacturer of fiberglass panels and mats of the brand in Russia is the company "Saint-Gobain Isover" working on the Russian market since 1994. Currently "Isover" - is perhaps the most famous brand of heat insulator worldwide.This material is characterized by such advantages as:

  • absolute fire safety.Fibres "Isover" are made of non-combustible glass.
  • very low degree of thermal conductivity.
  • Easy to transport.Mats and slabs of this material is lightweight.
  • absolute environmental cleanliness."Isover" certified by many leading organizations and agencies of the world.
  • elevated compared to most other types of fiber insulation vapor barrier properties.
  • durability.After serving such material can up to 50 years.
  • Availability grooved edges.This addition allows for maximum insulation quality as plates adjacent to each other very closely.
  • Easy installation.

So "Isover" - a very good answer to the question about what the loggia warm inside.However, the owners of apartments who have decided to choose as a heat insulator is this stuff worth knowing about his shortcomings.They have "Isover" only two.Firstly, it is, like all mineral wools afraid of water.However, compared with other species of mineral wools, its moisture properties still slightly above.The fact is, it has a large number of hydrophobic additives that improve its absorbability.By the small flaws of the material it can also be considered that the installation with a little crumble small villi.Therefore, before starting work should wear protective clothing.

reviews a heater "Isover┬╗

Russian consumer has already managed to appreciate the remarkable qualities of a material such as insulation "Isover".Those who have already used it for covering balconies, the house or roof, note its good insulating properties.A small disadvantage consumers called that after working with this material itchy body and arms, almost like after a normal glass.Despite this, the reviews of the owners of loggias, balconies and private suburban homes on this for the most part positive.

Whatever it was, it's better - waterproof insulation "Penoplex" or non-flammable "Isover" - it is, of course, by the owners of property.


So, how best to insulate a loggia?Once you decide so, what type of material teploizoyatsionnogo you need, you can begin to actually work on the plating.But before that we will need to hold a series of preparatory activities.The loggia panel house be sure to seal all joints between the panels.In addition, all surfaces should be cleaned from dust and dirt.

insulate themselves loggia.Mounting batten

Under mineral wool, including "Isover" usually arranged crate of timber.Mount it better in a vertical position.The width of the beam should be equal to the width of the mineral wool slabs.Pre-made holes in the walls with a pitch of about 40 mm.Then they insert plastic dowels.Then drilled timber and fasten it to the wall with screws.Step between the battens should be equal to the width of the insulation boards.

Installation "Isover" on the ceiling and walls

Plates "Isover" is inserted between the bars as tightly as possible.Be sure to see to it that between them and elements of crates there were no gaps.Begin assembling the best from the ceiling loggia.Here plates for they are not spilling additionally fixed with special plastic plugs - "fungi".For reliability, the mounting method can be applied on the walls.

How to insulate a loggia with "Penoplex┬╗

As already mentioned, "Penoplex" - another good answer to the question of how to insulate their own loggia.It is best suited for this purpose, the plate thickness of 40 to 60 mm.Mount "Penoplex" on the ceiling and walls about the same as the "Isover".

However, if the surface smooth enough loggia, crate under it can not arrange.In this case, the plate on the ceiling and walls just pasted.Mount vrazbezhku plate, so that the wall is not turned cruciform joints.At the final stage are the seams with foam.As you can see, warm loggia "Penoplex" as easily as "Isover".

Vapor loggia

And in the case of "Isover" and loggia warming "Penoplex" definitely need to arrange vapor barrier.The fact that in any dwelling humidity always slightly higher than the outside.As a result, the walls, and hence to a heater, the condensate accumulates, which is highly undesirable.To protect the thermal insulator, a special film.You can pull a cheap plastic.Preferably, however, some of its modern analogue foil.These materials create the room thermos effect.They are mounted inside the foil.

Krepjat paroizolyator horizontal overlap with approximately 15 cm. To be safe, you can glue the joints of double-sided tape.By sheathing film attached by means of bars 3 cm in thickness. This allows to arrange between the plating and finishing paroizolyatorom ventilation layer.Passing on the resulting empty space, air dries the condensate formed on the surface of the protective film.

floor insulation

question of how to insulate a loggia own, rests on including the issue of floor insulation.For this event, you can begin immediately after the wall and parapet are trimmed wool or "Penoplex."To be safe, the floor surface is sometimes waterproofing, promazyvaya mastic asphalt.Further stacked logs.Make them out of the timber can be 50h100h150 mm.As a heat insulator at the same time is used as the same "Isover" or "Penoplex" and expanded clay.After the space between the joists will be filled with insulation, they stuffed paroizolyator and then sexual, terraced or ordinary edged boards.

Fine lining

warmed loggia (photo materials "Isover" and "Penoplex" perfectly suitable for this purpose, you can see on this page) Finished-end trim materials.In this case, it made use of bunk, plastic panels, plywood and drywall.Batten attached to the beam, holding paroizolyator on special klyaymery.Plywood and plasterboard can be fixed on the screws.

Warming of the loggia outside

While warming loggia outside is considered more effective, this method is used much less frequently inside the insulation.This is explained by the need to use aerial or hiring climber.Ultimately, this warming is very expensive.Independently it is impossible to perform.In the case of isolation from the outside loggia uses the same insulation as in the execution of works from the inside.First while also mounted crate.Next, a plate heater.Above them installed waterproofing membrane.It uses special films, vapor permeable inside the loggia and retains moisture from the outside.Attach the membrane to the same bars.Next to them is fixed siding, steel sheet or some other finishing trim.

Heating loggia

In order to get a really warm loggia, with its glazing should be used at least three-chambered glass with plastic or wooden profile.Of course, you need to set here and heaters.Some apartment owners bring to the loggia radiators.However, taking such a decision, it should be borne in mind that it is strictly forbidden to regulations.When selling an apartment with a loggia equipped so its owner can cause serious problems.

Therefore it is better to install on the balcony heaters run on electricity.This can be a convector or oil cooler.It is best to place the device under windows.In this case, the glass will produce less condensate.

How much is warm loggia

When used as "Penoplex" and "Isover" - relatively inexpensive materials, plating standard in five-storey lodge will cost about 9,000 rubles.Specialists work has taken about 12 000 rubles.So the loggia insulated yourself, you can save a considerable amount.

course, the figures given above are approximate.The answer to the question of how much it costs to insulate a loggia, depends on many factors - whether to make a "warm" floors, the condition of the walls, ceiling and floor, which will be used paroizolyator, how much wood beams in this particular region, and so on.d.

Design insulated balcony

If you are at work on a covering of walls, floor, ceiling and parapet strictly adhere to the technology, you definitely get a very comfortable warmed loggia.Design it should be selected, guided by the style that was used in the decoration and design of the main rooms of the apartment.So if it's a classic, is to take the drywall or paneling decorate the surface of decorative plaster.For directions or country Provence perfect lining.For contemporary styles usually choose plastic panels or the same drywall.

warmed loggia (photo of one of them you can see above) may have a more original design.It is interesting, for example, the wall paintings.This finish is perfect for classical and Art Nouveau.It looks good as a combination of different materials.For example, plastic and aluminum.

insulated loggia "Isover", should give full attention to sealing joints between the panels and a vapor barrier device.When using the "Penoplex" with extreme precision needed to comply with the rules of wiring and switches and sockets.