Installation of love: love spell what are the consequences?

Those who read the Old Testament, they know that anyone who applied to witches, wizards and black magic, will immediately be cursed before the Lord God.In this article we will discuss this issue in more detail by the example of a magical ritual of love.So what are the consequences of love spell expect someone who has violated this instruction of the Lord?

sin before the Lord

According to the priests, God ceases to nourish his grace those people who violate the ban on his appeal to magical powers.However, many girls and women (and men too), it does not stop.They frankly do not care what will happen to them next.The main thing for them - that is all that is happening at this time and in this place.

New trends

Today, among women there is some new fashion love spell of certain men (and sometimes women).Now there is a lot of literature and Internet sites, gives details on how to bewitch a man.It is interesting that information to get rid of love spell, at times less!And believe such steps is not worth it.This love spell can make through black magic only a sorcerer or witch.

sinful passions ...

People disenchanted with unrequited love, trying to draw attention to themselves by means of black magic.At this point they are simply unmanageable without feeling his selfishness.As a result, they are harmful to ourselves and to those people who bewitch.It is not good lesson, my friends!Rotten is a deal!Remember that the effects of love spell irreversible.If the process is running, there is no way back.Even if the other black magician can remove the spell, the very man who charmed, it will not be so ... Why?Learn more!

unpredictable consequences love spell

What is the spell?

In terms of energy, the most common damage, coercing a person to perform "orders."If you look at it through the eyes of esoteric, it is possible to see how the soul privorozhennogo is in a cage, out of their own which is not possible.The very same man becomes something like a zombie ...

What are the effects of love spell?

1. If privorozhenny person someone loves someone we love, then black magic just kills the love.Such an act is considered to be the worst sin on the part of the customer and the artist, for which you can pay a very high price.

2. The thief should be punished.This trivial adage applies to the laws of the universe.Just because no one has the right to take something.He took something yourself - give more in return.If not, then who took considered a thief for stealing a supposed retaliation.

3. Privorozhenny people will no longer be what he was before.Love spell, the effects of which can be very unpredictable, making him a real servant ... he seems to be fond of you, but behaves unpredictably and strange.Privorot makes his immune system is very weak, so it is constantly sick.His life begins only consist of black bars, and he is slowly wasting away ... At this moment privorozhenny able even to suicide, because his mind is completely zombified dark forces.

4. Remember: for the bad things always have to answer, and if not to the earthly court, then before God for sure!And well, if the answer is only one who got in touch with the black forces, not its descendants.It can often be damned, and all his family.Be aware that such nonsense as love spell innocent man can turn tens of broken or ruined lives!