Valentine: value.

know the mystery of the name - is always very exciting process.After so many new things you can learn about a person!Yes, and I understand some of the features of his character is also very helpful.Would you like to scout out the mystery of man, whose name is Valentine?Then this article is for you!

Valentine: value.Name strongman

Considered name comes from Latin and means "healthy", "strong".The woman, whose name is Valentine, is distinguished by its sincerity, kindness, trust and selflessness.Her generosity has been observed since childhood.The girl did not regret for friends favorite toy, as well as share with their kids treat, even if it is the last.

Valentine: value.A noble person

often happens that kindness brings Valentine bother or even problems.For example, a woman is able to quickly help a person, even if very worse than him.All this makes Valya from the heart, because he can not see the suffering of others who care about her.

This different nature of excessive credulity to her friends, which can sometimes slukavit.For this reason, Valea can aggressively treat their enemies, who are actually nothing of the kind from what is told, we did.Therefore, the person considered better to rely on their own opinions.Enemies Valentina virtually none.It attracts gambling.

Valentine: value.Name hot-tempered, but easily appeased nature

All the people she was trying to see only the positive traits.At the owner of the name, there are some drawbacks: it can drastically angry and quarreled with friends.Her mood is easily changed, perhaps, so easily appeased, and Valentina is the first reconciliation.

If we talk about professional activity, the girl can be a great doctor or a nurse, teacher, manager, nurse, seller, a waitress.His favorite pastime it is fully given.

Valentine: value.Name of serious women for family

get married Valya solely on love and shows his good qualities in the family.She enjoys housework, preparing tasty food and is able to spend all their free time to children.Unfortunately, the spouse is not always appreciates all the care of this woman, so unable to make her truly happy.

Mystery named Valentine in astrology

woman who called Valya, protects the planet Venus.

  • color names - a sea wave.
  • Stone Charm - pearl.
  • plant mascot - and forget-me-willow.
  • Animal Guardian - sturgeon.
  • most auspicious day - Thursday.

to create a more suitable family man named Gleb, Simon, Sergei, Alexander, Vladimir, Ivan and Valentin.It will be difficult to maintain a relationship with a man, if his name is Stepan, Leonid, Nikolay, Boris and George.

Now you know what it means to the name of Valentine.The reliability of such characteristics, according to statistics, is about 75.73%.