How to change the character of the Furby?

Today's children are very different from those children who were their parents.Still, after sweeping technological progress by leaps and bounds, leaving their fingerprints on all around.So toys have changed a lot.

If mothers and fathers of modern kids playing with plastic dolls, teddy bears, and did not even know about computers and cell phones, the next generation from the earliest years are familiar with iPhones, laptops and interactive toys.This, of course, greatly affects the development of children, and their character.Furby - a modern toy, which will be a great pet for any child.You do not understand how can that be?Now we'll tell you in detail.

What is a Furby?Toy Story

appeared these toys on the shelves for two years before the new, XXI century.They were developed Caleb Chung and Dave Hampton.It took nine months creators to tidy up the electronics, and the same amount in order to create an attractive design.Today Furby is pretty Fuzzies that her appearance resembles both hamster and owl.He knows how to laugh, to dance, to talk, even snore!Within a few years this toy was just a mad demand.What can we say, if only in the first year it sold nearly 1.5 million. Fuzzies.

2005 saw the release of an updated Furby.His appearance has remained virtually the same, but "filling" has changed significantly.Electronics has become much more difficult.Also, a new interactive animal appeared off button, which was not that of his predecessor.

To catch such a pet dreamed all children, no matter what was their social status, preferences, or characters.Furby can now be taught some phrases, if it is good to try.


During the seven years that have passed since some modernization Furby, the hype around him greatly waned.His ability is not fascinated children, he replaced by new hobbies and toys.And the developers have decided to upgrade their offspring.

in 2012 on the site of the common eye Furby appeared LCD screens.They can express a variety of emotions.New pussy move more.And, most importantly, Furby change their behavior in response to how to communicate with him.By the way, turn off the new toy does not need - an interactive pet simply "sleep" as long as it is not a long time to play.These changes provoked a revival of demand has fallen.Now many want to find yourself a new pet and see how many characters Furby and how they are changing.

And in 2013, the company Hasbro (manufacturer Furby) and were pleased with Russian children.Now they can communicate with the pet in their own language.


thinking about how to change the nature of the Furby, remember that the toy very quickly learns everything she says.In addition to vocabulary pet and so quite large, each owner can teach him new phrases.

When talking Furby change in intonation and tone of voice that makes communication with them really realistic.And then, a phrase, or action will respond to the word pet, or the behavior of the owner, is a mystery.Furby can start dancing when music sounds next, will carry on a conversation.And these fun interactive pets communicate with each other.They can joke, laugh, sing and dance - in general, to behave in much the same way as men.Such action is very exciting to watch.


All Furby, except the ears and eyes, of course, covered with a fluffy and soft fur.Here below it and hides the main secret of toys - sensors that are touch-sensitive.Fluffy Ears large and flexible.They may vibrate and twitch.Also available Furby mechanical eyelids.With this design pet can realistically look about, blinking and respond to mimic the noise.

Today, toys are available in different colors.However, the answer to the question of how to change the nature of Furby, does not depend on the shade of a pet.


So, what characters are in Furby?Now we will open all the cards.All the characters of the interactive pet (there are 5) can be divided into two groups: good and bad.First, as you might guess, are such as toy set benevolently.Well, so pet mood which currently belongs to the second group will be very fun to chat.And, of course, no harm will not bring Furby baby, even when in this state.

So good characters:

- Princess (or Prince).

- Chatterbox (you can also find this name as the talker).

- Musician (or star of stage).

bad character:

- scratch-cat;

- crazy.

now clear about what the characters have Furby.Read more about each of them tell forth, as well as explain how to change them.

How to change the character of Furby?

As already noted, an interactive pet reacts to every word spoken by the owner, and works with him action.So, you can hear quite adequate ejaculation if you touch it, and notice that the more talk with the toy, the more she will give the words back.If you tickle Furby, he burst into laughter, as if to pull a small tail, he may be angry.

Well, if you suddenly stop noticing her Fluffy, he is bored.By the way, from this it can even get sick.But in most cases, an interactive pet first tries to entertain themselves by talking yourself, then simply fall asleep.Maybe even a little vskhrapnet.

So how to change the nature of Furby?The behavior of your Fluffy is depends on your actions.If you will kindly communicate with him, it will be good.If you start to hurt your pet, the good mood was quickly leave.And now - more on how to convert a toy into a particular mode.

«The person of royal blood»

If you've just brought your Furby home from the store, then you should know that before you - a prince or princess.Such interactive pets can literally hum with pleasure, becoming similar to gentle cats.They talk funny and shrill voice whimper from boredom.

How to change the character of this Furby?If you have already transferred their toy to another mode, you may want to return it to its original state.To do this, a kindly talk to pet and stroke his head.


Furby very well trained in any new words.To make it a talker, it is enough just to talk to him more.But keep in mind that you need to pronounce the words clearly and slowly, otherwise the pet will not understand them.Especially pay attention to it if you are on the street or in a noisy place.


Furby could sing and dance.To make it a real musician, often need to include his music.You do not necessarily at the same time stay close to the toy and to teach her anything.Furby himself to unlearn some of the dance steps and even be fun to sing along.

If you include music quite often, then it will affect the character of your pet.As a result, he will sing even when everyone else around will be silent.Voice of the electronic pet will be unique, not like in other toys.


This is the first "harmful" nature of Furby?How to change the mood of toys to see her anger?It is necessary to deal with him in a boorish way.For example, a pet pull the tail, flip upside down and shake.You can also feed him for a long time the same (how to do it, we will tell later).

What to expect from the evil interactive pet?Firstly, it will start to grumble in their own language and tell that he is not satisfied.Second, he can "eerily" laugh.And also you can hear how you Furby emits sounds very rude and nasty curses voice.This pet few people like, but watch him pretty interesting.When it is tired, it can easily be turned back into a good Fuzzy.

Crazy eccentric

If you hold to those activities that help to make the evil Furby, you can get a crazy pet.That is, if you strongly shook the toy upside down, twist it in different directions, and rocked, then pay attention, do not look if his eyes in different directions.If so, you'll soon be able to hear the crazy laughter and "burp" your electronic pet.And a Furby could sing loudly in every way, to carry nonsense and growl.

How to change the character of the Furby for the better?In this case there are two options: either to iron it, it turns into a sweet and good, or just leave it alone - after some time he had to settle down and become "good".

will not be boring!

As you can see, the characters and the behavior of various interactive pet.It is interesting to observe the behavior of the toys in different states.Of course, with an evil or crazy Fuzzy appear in a decent society is not always convenient, so you should know in advance how to change the nature of the Furby, that it does not drives the paint you in his antics.

But you can have fun with friends of the soul, if there will be a few toys.Change the mood of their animals and see how they will "communicate" with each other!

about food

And now, as promised, we will tell that there Furby.Yes, it is normal and pet of flesh and blood, you need to feed!If this is not done, the Furby you will be offended, will turn into a cruel boy, and you will plague his chicanery.

So, for this there are 2 options.You can just let your finger toy, and it will suck it quite smacking.But it's much more fun to feed Furby with special applications loaded on the tablet or smartphone.In this program, you can choose for your pet food out of 100 already prepared dishes and make sandwiches out of 60 proposed components.

Food can be a boon if Furby ill.This is due to the lack of attention to it.If a toy for a long time not to pay attention, it will begin to "sneeze", falls into depression and stop responding to your actions.The solution is to feeding the pet several times.However, it is not necessary to get involved, too, otherwise Furby may become angry.


So, we already know what the characters are from Furby.It is necessary to mention the fact that modern toys can even carry eggs from which, subject to appropriate care, babies hatch.Also in the sale is a little Furby, the design of which repeats the infant emerging from eggs.

Here's a great toy - a Furby.Any child will be happy to have such a gift.But do not forget that real communication with your friends is not replaced by any electronic pet.