Taylor Swift was the best singer, but was hiding from the cops in a toilet

famous singer Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran hiding in the closet of the hotel, when police tried to stop too violent party after the awards "Grammy."Merry Company vigorously celebrated musical event of the year in the room Mark Ronson.

Friends leaked about the party, which came out of control, a few days ago during a joint appearance on Radio 1 .

That's what 25-year-old singer hit Shake It Off told leading Nick Grimshaw : "We were forced to hide in the closet. I grabbed Ed and shouted:" The cops are here, come with me ".

" There (in a hotel room) it was about 40. The owner just stood at the door - so many people crammed! "- added Sheeran story of his girlfriend.

Taylor went on to explain that later they moved from that secret place in a super-VIP apartment in Belle Sam SmithEyre said, adding that "on the night in general was a lot of weird things.For example, Ed was in a very specific place for about ten minutes, he just hugged koala bears.

A redhead Ed kind of summed it up, saying that bashes in England is better than in the US because of British drinking flowing river.

"Celebration of awarding British awards are fun. The American award is more dry, but you can always get drunk from the British. Champagne!" - Shouted Sheeran.

This funny story adding that US country music singer Taylor Swift proclaimed International Year actress among those who recorded a studio album.

Star awarded International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and video recordings ( IFPI ), paying tribute to the success of her album "1989".He was released in October 2014 and has since sold over 8.6 million copies.

annual awards Global Recording Artist of the Year handed solo artist or group who becomes a leader both in terms of physical sales, and the number of downloads and views on the Internet.

Last year's winner was boyzbend One Direction.In the current ranking of Taylor pushed the British guys one step down.The third was her boyfriend, British singer Ed Sheeran, and the fourth and fifth place went to the group Coldplay and AC / DC.

Photo Source: WENN, Instagram