The population of Germany.

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After the unification of the country in nineteen ninety, the population of Germany is about eighty million people.The number of people living in Germany to date has increased to 82 million.

The majority of citizens (79%) is located in the western federal states.The density of the population in Germany is distributed unevenly throughout the country.If areas with developed industry (agglomerations of the Ruhr and the Rhine) is home to eleven hundred people per square kilometer, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania all seventy-six people per km2.At the same time, Germany ranks fourth in Europe in terms of population density (231 pers. Per km2).

majority of German citizens living in small towns and villages.These settlements are located throughout the country.And in the western lands of more than oriental.Only a third of the residents are in the big cities.

population of Germany is growing.This process is not due to natural increase (it is not in the country), but due to the excess of immigration over emigration flows.There is a tributary of the two categories of citizens:

- foreigners;

- persons with German nationality.

predominant position takes the immigration flow of foreigners.

average population of Germany live 74.5 years (men) and 80.8 years (women).Characteristics of the age structure of different tendency to increase citizens over sixty-five years and to reduce the population of children and adolescents (fifteen years).

population of Germany is largely homogeneous ethnic composition.The bulk of the inhabitants of Germany - Germans.The country registered small ethnic groups integrated descendants of Slavic tribes - Lusatian Sorbs (about sixty thousand people), the Danish minority (fifty thousand) and friezes (twelve thousand).According to state and national identity German population of Germany is about seventy-five million people.In recent years, the number of foreign nationals in the country is relatively stable and does not change.

official language of Germany is German.However, Germany has a large number of dialects.They are: the Bavarian and Swabian, Frisian and Mecklenburg, as well as many others.According to statistics, the Russian language in Germany, to varying degrees, has nearly six million people.Half of them are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Most of the residents of Germany (about fifty-five million people) adheres to the Christian faith.Almost half of them Catholics and other citizens - Protestants, and only a small amount (1 million) are Orthodox Christians.In addition, the country's Muslim population (2.6 million), as well as adherents of Judaism (88 thousand).

population of Germany has a high standard of living.It is on the tenth place among the international community.The unemployment rate according to the official bodies of seven per cent of the number of able-bodied citizens.