We understand why people lie

In the world there is no crystal honest man.In any given situation each person tells a lie, and this is not surprising.After all, there are situations where there is no opportunity to say everything, and simply do not need.

What lies

explain why people lie, and that is the very concept of a lie, trying many sciences, and in the majority of the findings, incidentally, agree.Thus, psychologists believe that a lie - is the usual way of self-defense of a man who in a similar way trying to protect themselves from various kinds of negative situations and consequences.But this does not mean that you need to lie to justify and facilitate the spread of this phenomenon.So after all, why do people lie?

Cause 1. The desire to please

becomes part of the reason lies the fact that a person is simply nothing to tell about myself.That has to go on to invent interesting facts from his own biography.There can be as simple to invent events and somewhat modified them wanting to embellish reality.

Cause 2. Something needed

also the most common cause of lies is the fact that in this way a person achieves the desired.Something promised, you can get the desired item or service.But to fulfill the promise liars tend to be in no hurry.Such a method of cheating is common among children, which is easier to say what is expected of them parents, in order to get what you want.Execution time said often simply does not occur.

Reason 3. Avoid embarrassing situations

Analyzing why people lie, it can be concluded that many simply need to avoid embarrassing situations.If you do not want to put yourself in the world is not good, or be left with nothing, lying in such a situation - first mate.Also, the reason could be the desire to lie just do not offend people, telling him the whole truth.This method of cheating, by the way, is common in women between friends when there is a certain rule to admire each other, even if there are no good reasons.

Reason 4. Avoid punishment

Another reason why people lie, may be a desire to avoid responsibility or punishment for a particular offense.Lie, people think automatically ceases clean and throws off all the blame.This type of fraud is common among the people questioned in the court or the prosecutor's office.5.

reason lies in the benefit

One common phenomenon is the false good.Man thinks that cheating close, just saves him from pain and suffering.Similarly views lie is merely concealing information.It is believed if a person does not know about this or that fact, it means, and it was not.The most widespread form of cheating in a marriage when the couple hide uncomfortable information from each other.

reason 6. For all make

also can be deceiving, hiding behind the phrase "all men are lying, and I'm going to do."It also may include boredom and deception when a person invents a variety of situations to do something and attract the attention of others.


Lies accompanies people throughout almost the entire way of life.And there's no getting around it.Various fraud disclosed in the literature, it is removed and transmission films.For fun, you can see the new film "Liars All," where well-disclosed subject lies harm to human life.