How to delete your Google account in three easy steps

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Nowadays, high information technologies, there are so many different postal services, which sometimes are afraid to get lost in the networks of the World Wide Web, at best, promises discomfort in the management of the usual services, and at worst - the loss of money and time.In this article, we'll show you how easy it is to remove your Google Account with simple manipulation, as well as describe the pros and cons of postal services and briefly the account recovery process.

Pros and cons

Postal Service Googl`a or, in simple terms, "Google mail," is the most popular postal service because of its simplicity and at the same time quite a rigid system of filtering incoming mail.In addition to the typical folder "spam", you can also sort your emails by sender, range of interests and so on.This feature will be especially convenient to the time when, in addition to a pair of posts a week from friends, to you in the mail will come again, and dozens of notifications from site mailings and advertisements.Plus, this particular service is the most well-protected against tampering by hackers, which is important when choosing a permanent address.

The downside is it cumbersome and a large number of additional services, which accounts Google is very easy to connect.But the question is disconnected from them all the time in the air, and remains open because of its complexity.That's why people are often the question arises, which helps solve all the problems at once.Namely: "How do I delete an account Google?"

Three simple steps

Step One.As in all cases involving the destruction of data or formatting before you delete the account Google, ask yourself a simple question: are you sure that you want to leave the functions of all additional services, such as Blogger, AdSense, and so on?Of course, not all of them will be closed to you forever, and at some distance and did not affect, but this issue is quite difficult to study, and the answer is even more difficult to predict.

second step.So you finally decided to delete the account Google, which means that you need to perform the following manipulations.Visit the main page account, log in to your personal system.Find the link on the page "Close and delete all services and info" and then clicking on it again to confirm the removal of pre-tick the "Treaty of consent ...."

Step Three.Ironically, it is the third step will be the restoration of Akka - for example, if you change your mind or you need to re-use any of the services.This is possible, but please note that the information associated with your account has been permanently removed as writing.To use it, you'll have to go through the normal operation of the account password recovery, after which you will be able to regain access to the full.

And remember to choose your mailing address should carefully think things through, because for him in the future will be tied all of your logins and passwords, e-wallets and other sites and services that make using the Internet easier.