Military medical commission for admission to university MIA

probably due to the economic crisis or other reasons, but the number of students who choose to enter the departmental universities Interior Ministry, in recent years significantly increased.Today an important role in the choice of profession plays a social protection extends to the period of study, and follow-up to the entire public service.

It is expressed in a stable salaries cadet, budget financing studies, providing uniforms and food, paid leave and travel to the place of the meeting.An important factor in choosing a place and a guaranteed job after studies, and prestigious law degree or an expert.

welcome to enroll in the university should give police Military Medical Commission Ministry of Internal Affairs.Only on its results entrant may be declared fit or not for health reasons to study at the institution concerned.Exactly the same rules apply for admission Admission to the educational institutions of the state security service.But here the applicants wishing to devote themselves to this prestigious profession, gives the nod to the arrival of the military-medical commission of the FSB.

Medical examination of applicants takes place in stages.First, they have to the military-medical commission of Internal Affairs, which is carried out at the regional level.It will organize in the regional centers of residence of applicants for admission.The next step is a medical examination the applicant maintains military-medical commission of the institution in which he was going to do.

need to prepare for this in advance.For example, each youth must necessarily carry a registration certificate confirming his fitness for military service, which gives the area of ​​military-medical commission in the military residence.Only the presence in it the mark "A" gives the right to the receipt of documents.If the registration certificate have any limitations in the choice of services, and you should not expect a positive result.

To prevent such a puncture, it is necessary to know in advance the list of additional health requirements for entrants to the public service in the Office of Internal Affairs, and to compare them with the state of health.To be sure to consult this document to your family doctor and ask him to comment on his every point.

If for any position deviation will show up, then, without waiting for the start of military conscription medical commission, it is necessary to try to cure or correct them.It will take some time, but it will remove obstacles to admission to departmental training institution.And in the case of surgical treatment should be borne in mind that it will take at least six months after its completion to the Commission to adopt a document for consideration.Pre-need to pay attention to the state of the outpatient cards, the presence in it of all the pages of supporting good health, extracts from the tests and examinations, as well as certificates of treatment in private clinics.