Parking in the yard - a headache residents

buying "Iron Horse", not all drivers are thinking about where to spend the night as their car.Many put it at the windows to watch him quietly from behind the curtains or balcony.Some pull up as close to the door, closing the passage and interfering neighbors.Of course, the right thing to drive away the car on a paid parking lot, where she will spend the night safely and securely under the watchful protection of guards.Another option - to buy housing for your vehicle, even if it is cheap shell, but it's a matter of time, but for now have to settle for a platform in front of housing.

alternative garage - parking in the yard.Act it is the parking regulations, provides some very specific restrictions for violation of which a fine is imposed.

Very often a situation where high-rise residents are unhappy that because of cars parked in the yard, there is no opportunity to go with a pram.And there are cars whose owners leave them abandoned to fend for themselves in a day or a month, but for years, ignoring the opinions of others.Of course, issues such worst offenders must address housing offices and, in the case of aggravation of the situation - the municipal police.

Today correct street parking provides enough simple rules, which can be found not only to avoid scandals housemates and employees of public utilities, and though small, but still unpleasant penalties.I must say that, if the driver fails to respond to repeated warnings, one day, he may find that his car took a tow truck.And it would be absolutely legitimate reaction of public utilities.

strictly prohibited parking in the yard in the flowerbeds or lawns.For this would inevitably have to pay an administrative fine.Also, do not obstruct passage allowed parking in the yard, as well as in places where the vehicle, even if it is compact car, can create some obstacles to movement or operation of machinery.For example, when the truck can not be locked or snow machines.

Under certain high-rise buildings have shops and offices, so can not be ignored and their work.Parking in the yard provides parking at a distance no closer than ten meters from the service door, through which the loading or loading of goods.

It is often possible to observe a picture when ZhEKov workers visit homes to give residents of the huge number of complaints, and do car owners undisciplined comments.Often wrong street parking causes the drive to the traffic police, as well as the protocol.

To avoid all these situations and unnecessary hassle correct to operate legally.It is only when the existence of authorization documents from the owner of the car parking in the yard will not be a problem.

If the owner of the car is also the owner of the property in an apartment high-rise, it has certain rights to her land.It is necessary to hold a meeting of residents, invite the owners of shops and other organizations located in the house, draw up a report on the decision to organize parking in the yard.This document is necessary to provide in its district council.To this should be accompanied by any form of written statement which will indicate rationale for why needed parking in the yard.