Rudeness - what's that?

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hard to argue with the fact that rudeness - it is an integral part of life.Someone faced him more often, someone less, but to avoid it completely out.That is why you need to learn how to respond to rudeness and be able to put Barker in place, because the scandals are able to spoil the mood for the rest of the day.

Psychologists argue that a person who is rude and emits negative, be sure to receive a response when his words have no effect on the opponent.He begins to feel ill, he was dissatisfied with himself, his attitude is at zero.If you do not take someone else's power over words boor not achieve their goal.

This often rude?

It has long been observed that some people are rude more often than others.This may be due to various reasons, but often such a situation because the snapper are always subconsciously feel, who can resist him.Sometimes rudeness shown not so clearly: people want to engender feelings of fear, shame or cause self-doubt.How to deal with rudeness?To repel an opponent would be easier if the person familiar with the techniques of manipulation and knows how to behave.

Why do people do it?

rudeness reason is simple: people thus asserting itself.Watching as his "victim" are beginning to feel insecure, he triumphs over them.Rudeness - it's part of all relationships that involve people who do not respect their own kind.Also to be rude and humiliated can those persons, who consider themselves superior to others.

When your opponent has run out all the arguments, but admit they were wrong, he can not, he can only defend.Eliminate the source of rudeness is practically impossible to find a more appropriate way to respond to rudeness.

brazen behavior - not a sign of strength

necessary to realize that rudeness - this is not the property of a self-sufficient person.Rather, such a manner of communication indicates the uncertainty of human self-confidence.Therefore, all his attacks should be answered with a position of strength.Barker touches sincere pity, he probably would not know how to behave.He was used that virtually all of the same people to respond to rudeness, so a different model of behavior will knock him off.

sharpness and clarity

communicate with Hammami need to open, looking them straight in the eye.Their point of view is necessary to state clearly and firmly, without innuendo.During the call, should radiate confidence and inner strength.Often, all the louts - long pants, so they do not like the persistent and courageous companions.

Do not stand it!

To understand how to deal with rudeness, it is necessary to understand the phenomenon.People are rude only to those who allow themselves to be treated so.Therefore, start the fight with the situation better with yourself.Free people do not accept the slave of perception, so others and would never be rude to them.

Roughness as a manifestation of fear

Such a situation can be observed in the case where the ham is jealous of the other party, or afraid of competition.Opponents should forgive and pity to throw a sympathetic look and a pat on the back.If extinguish snapper aggression and not to provoke new attacks, he soon feel safe and relax.

Perhaps, after a while people realize that the relationship can be based not only on competition but also on mutual affection.


defiance person is trying to exert psychological pressure to make it easier to manipulate someone.The victim must learn to step back from such an emotional impact and respond to rudeness beautiful.You can set up your opponent counterclaims or just ignore all the attacks.

Rudeness as a stereotype

In this case, well to the method, which is called a break patterns.In response to the need to respond to rudeness underlined gently and calmly, adding a bit of humor.You can not obey the emotions cad, better to be a slave and mentally follow.Do not get the expected response, he lost, and either changed his tone, or a cowardly escape.

Humor - the best weapon

best to neutralize the rudeness of people through laughter.You can bring them to the absurd speech or pretend that everything is regarded as a joke.Such weapons would be fatal for certain coarseness of fools and boors.

develop imagination

Psychologists believe that rudeness - it is a sign of weakness, so do not treat people allow themselves to such behavior seriously.We need your imagination and imagine in their place a cockroach or a beetle.At this point, a person's appearance becomes detached, that guards snapper.He can not understand whether his words the desired effect, or the person he did not hear.If you immerse yourself in your own thoughts, you can save the nerves.Full


To protect itself from rudeness, to bring better communication with people like that to a minimum.It is necessary to completely ignore them and perceive as inferior members of society.Much more useful to communicate with the kind and motivated people, do not waste your time on unpleasant characters.

Response rudeness

Barker expects you to rudeness and anger, he literally fed by this energy.But polite knocks it out of the intended track.Thus, the ham loses control of the situation.If he can take of yourself, the more civilized conversation can take place.Otherwise, such a person better to wish all the best and stop communicating.

snapper driving

All drivers at least once faced with such a problem as rudeness on the roads: drive through a red light, the driver cut, do not miss the pedestrian ... enumerate transgressions is endless, also such situations occur every day.

How to recognize a "road" lout?

this question for many years concerned not only beginners but also experienced drivers.The first symptom - an aggressive maneuvering.The driver does not include the direction indicators are often moved from one band to another, or stops suddenly.Provoking jams - this is only half the problem is far worse if rudeness on the roads causes of the accident.

There are other signs: sudden starting, abusive behavior towards other road users and the constant beeping.

Psychologists explain this behavior is hidden complexes, which are exacerbated during times of stress.A driving - it's always tension.These people want to prove to themselves and others that they are excellent drivers and surpass other road users.

Another cause of inappropriate behavior on the road is the desire to constantly feel the adrenaline rush.Suicide type of behavior needs to be corrected with the help of a psychologist.

Get rid hamovatyh drivers is almost impossible, so it is best to minimize contact with them.To avoid an accident, you need to learn to anticipate such provocations.

Rudeness and punishment

often people forget that they are not obliged to tolerate rudeness.This is especially true rudeness workers social, health and other similar areas.If an employee is acting aggressively, leaving the situation may be a complaint of rudeness filed leadership.Depending on the action it will take, it will be apparent to proceed.As a rule, it's enough to put people on the spot.