Perception of man by man and its characteristics

Perception is a cognitive process by which an individual receives sensory information about the objects around him.Undoubtedly, the perception of the human person occupies a special niche in this area, and its study requires taking into account the specific patterns and other features.In order to delve into the details of this process, consider the functions of perception and effects, somehow influence the construction of the image of the other person, formed in the minds of everyone.


perception Perception of man by man - is, first, the process of accumulation of sensory experience, an active interaction with the object aimed at getting maximum relevant information about it.Differing constancy, it does not change depending on the angle, and other environmental conditions attendant.However, it should be noted that the latter play an important role in this process, as a person's perception of his interlocutor.Thus, changing the game of shadows and light makes the perceiving whenever confer new object of study, it is often not characteristic properties.The distance has not the least effect on the distinction between the proportions, shapes, drawing on parts of the object.

effects of human perception person

studying people's perceptions of each other, we can not dwell on the effects that shape in the minds of a more detailed image of the object.In this regard, in psychological science formed and developed such categories as social perception, which provides accounting features of mutual perception of different social groups (including the perception of man by man).

mechanisms of social perception are used for the most accurate interpretation of the data.These include the following: the effect of novelty, primary, stereotyping, halo, identification, social identity, casual attribution.Action novelty effect manifests itself mainly in the fact that new information from anyone about human-readable, plays a greater role than previously given to him.The effect of the primacy of playing a diametrically opposite role, it serves as an explanation of why the first impression imposes such a significant imprint on the perceived image of the person we created.Casual attribution allows individuals to grant a certain motivation and characteristics not previously submitted.Terms

successful perception of the interlocutor

Perception of man by man - a complex process.His success and efficiency will be high in case the participants will differ due level of development of the necessary competencies.Thus, the perception of the human person requires each high level of empathy (ie, the ability to empathize and understand the emotional state of the partner) and social attractions, including positive social attitudes.