Psychology of communication with men: how to be better for him

Many women are interested in the psychology of communication with the man.How to be chosen for an interesting conversationalist and loved and desired woman?

usually chat at first went well, but then may begin disagreements.How to learn to keep the peace in your couple?

Psychology of communication with the man: what they want from the conversation?

Men love to give advice, so do not be surprised if your desire to talk to elect to answer a lot of valuable advice.For a young man talking - is the solution.If you just want to listen to you and say, "Honey, this day was tough for me. I need to talk to. You can just listen to me? I'm concerned about your support."

If your relationship is very trusting, you will meet your favorite.

Also, do not jumping from one topic to another.Be consistent in the presentation of ideas.

Remember that men rarely understand hints.Say exactly what you want to say - straight and sincere.

not forget that men are like when they recognize the advantages.Encourage any pleasant for you to conduct a loved one.For example, if he gave you a valuable piece of advice, be sure to thank him and mark his resourcefulness.The main thing that praise was sincere - men feel false.

Psychology of communication with the man: what to talk about?

need for communication among men is lower than that of women.So do not "pollute the air" empty prattle.It is desirable that the conversation was about some important and interesting topic for both of you.You can also listen to him.Men love to show off the different stories of life in which they showed themselves in the best way.The topic of conversation could be anything - even a favorite book.Psychology of men is that if they trust that you are willing to discuss a variety of topics.

Also, some people like to talk about the troubles with which they coped or are struggling to cope.An excellent topic of conversation - a hobby or favorite sport.But just in case you were wondering.It is not necessary to maintain a conversation out of courtesy - it would be a shame.If you know nothing about, say, in football, do not build from a connoisseur.Admit it, you know nothing, and if you're interested, ask him to tell us more.

Psychology of communication with men: how to make productive conversation?

If you are interested in discussing a particular question, do not go far away.Clearly and specifically state the points you are interested in.If you urgently need to talk about your relationship, and he had just come home from work, tired and hungry and do not attack him with questions.

Men need time to switch from one state (employee) to another (the husband).Give it a little rest, eat and then have a talk.Uncertainty pushes men.Better to just ozvuchte topics you want to discuss and ask when you can do it.Be honest and specific, and soon you will master a science like psychology with men.Videos and books will not give as much knowledge as will real communication with your loved ones.