The drink "Baikal": part of the price.

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thirty years ago in grocery stores much of a choice of soft drinks were not.Now the shelves are full of relevant departments of the abundance of a variety of sodas, juices, fruit drinks, and so on.. All this, of course, very good, but to be safe for the human body is often in doubt.Such as the famous brand of good quality, such as drink "Baikal", find more and more difficult.What are they good for?

bit of history "Baikal"

This tonic was created by experts bottling plant of the city of Moscow in 1973.It was founded on natural herbs such as St. John's Wort, Siberian ginseng, licorice.Ordinary consumers drink "Baikal" fell in love very quickly, but its industrial production proved to be difficult.The reason for that - one of the components of the drink - licorice, promotes foaming.It was as though there were serious technical difficulties during bottling.

they are not completely overcome and now, but some companies have gone a different way - began to produce the drink in a plastic container, something even more convenient.The product is completely natural, unlike the majority of imports, and, unfortunately, for this reason perishable.Therefore, there are many fakes, which are produced in an industrial scale.They made no useful herbs at simplified technology.When buying pay attention to the composition of the drink.

drink "Baikal": useful properties

"Pepsi", "Coca-Cola" - those beverages, the consumption of which should be seriously limited.And best not to drink at all, because they do not carry benefits, but in large quantities even harmful.It is best to use a natural "Baikal", it completely lacks any dyes, and it tastes almost the same as "Coca-Cola", and cost less.Our native drink in its composition is unique, foreign manufacturers have not been able to reproduce it.Herbs included in it, have a number of well-known beneficial properties.

Here are some examples.From colds effective means of Sambucus racemosa is, for the normalization of the pressure applied licorice root, relieves inflammation Salvia officinalis.On iron, calcium and phosphorus rich angelica, improves digestion Greek Altai.And all this - drink "Baikal".Thanks to herbal extracts it contains, it is also excellent tones and refreshes, it gives a boost of energy.

Ingredients "Baikal"

And now it's time to acquaint the reader with the most detailed composition of our favorite beverage.It is that part of the recipe in 1973.So drink "Baikal" composition according to the formulation of 1973, it has this:

  • drinking treated water;
  • white crystal sugar;
  • phosphoric acid (acidity regulator), sodium benzoate (preservative), natural flavorings;

  • herbal flavor, which includes extracts of sage, wormwood, angelica root, gentian, coriander;
  • natural flavors: hops oil, eucalyptus oil, laurel, natural flavor apple, elder flower extract, and licorice root, a distillate of wine yeast.

Store drink "Baikal", the composition of which is now known to you, you need to at a temperature up to 20 degrees, the shelf life - six months.

What "Baikal" is now available in stores

As we have seen, only the beverage with the above components can be considered real.In shops you can sometimes find a "Baikal".Price liter bottle on February 2015 is 85 rubles.Some manufacturers appreciate its reputation resulting produce a beverage containing extracts of these herbs and grasses.Part of the "factory" also fill their bottles of a whole bunch of different sweeteners, such as E-954, E-952, E-951, E-950, as well as preservatives and artificial flavorings.

sometimes can be found in the composition of a flavor enhancer, it is referred to the natural flavoring, which is very doubtful.So, buying "Baikal", read the label carefully.Also keep in mind that quality drink will foam very large number of small bubbles.

classification of soft drinks

With a lot of variety of drinks on the shelves, we suddenly find that very bad to understand them.Firstly, some of them are considered soft?It drinks containing ethyl alcohol is not more than 0.5% if the raw alcohol is - less than 1.2%.Soft drinks are a classification of groups:

  • juice;
  • on flavorings;
  • vegetable spicy aromatic raw materials;
  • the grain raw materials;
  • kvass and fermented beverages;
  • special purpose.

, in turn, are subdivided into juice drinks soft drinks, fruit, juice, nectar-type.For their production using berry-fruit semi-finished products: syrups, extracts, concentrates, spirited, natural juices.Also, soft drinks and non-carbonated divided into carbonated.The latter, in turn, are subdivided into Lightly, srednegazirovannye and silnogazirovannye.For special purpose drinks are the so-called energy.

What drinks are considered tonic

Despite the fact that the most famous tonic drinks - coffee, tea, of this list does not end there.There are others, such as hot chocolate and cocoa.If to talk about cold refreshing drinks, they have several groups.Most of them are produced in specialized factories and sold in bottles, cans, and special packages.It is a "sprite", "Coca-Cola" and, of course, "Baikal", and various energy drinks, tonics.You can even select drinks that are prepared in the restaurant kitchen, in bars and at home.

They are made mostly from a large number of citrus fruits with the addition of other fruits.It is often blended several juices that apart from toning, and provides a refreshing effect.