10 tips for a successful career in the fashion industry

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Katroun Kelly (Kelly Cutrone) receives from 75 to 100 queries a day as the founder of the largest PR-agency in the fashion world.Kelly was 23 years old when she founded her company.Henry Holland (Henry Holland) and Agent Provocateur - wards of the Kelly.It is referred to mainly young women asking about the progress in the fashion field.Kelly believes that these tips can help wishing to succeed in the fashion industry:

1. work and not complain

People want to work in fashion, because it is prestigious.But be prepared that you may be asked to hold a photo shoot with a 15-year-old model, who paid $ 10,000, and you get nothing.No one shot after your departure.This is reality.

2. Consistency and coherence

enough to know someone to get ahead.It is necessary to open the door and organize the work.Consistency - a simple thing: to offer their services and products to promote the day.Do not forget to invite to dinner to help you people.

3. Wider use of the Internet

Make this site in FaceBook.However, many reports out there are full of errors and inaccuracies, "zamylenny" phrases about love for fashion.Be original and check the spelling.

4. To offer ideas, but at the right moment

not need to offer their ideas to the head at a press conference, but should be persistent when convenient.

5. Do not lose loved ones

believe in the beauty of fashion, by virtue of color, texture and lines.Fully fashion can not understand what pushes us to further her studies.For example, Deputy Olivier (Olivier Zahm), founder Purpurle Magazine, a great connoisseur of fashion, still sees all beautiful and admires it.

6. Being a country girl

not have to be a native of the big city and try to find diamonds in the fashion work.She must be very smart to know and apply the work ethic.

7. The neurotic nature of the work

You will have the feeling that you will never finish this project.There will always be something that will need to complete, so be nice to know when you need to finish.It is important to be attentive to detail and have great organizational skills.

8. Take into account the reality of the rest of the world

Fashion takes itself too seriously and considers itself exceptional, but other communities easy to accept into its ranks all comers, whether rock 'n' roll or chess.

9. Going it alone when necessary

Use your intuition and follow your instincts.Many things can be ignored.Despite the work and unpaid bills on time, you can not forget about the improvement in the profession and new contacts.

10. Read my book

«If you Have to Cry, Go Outside» («if to cry, go on all four sides!"), It can be purchased on amazon.com.

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