Aries female.

Aries female.Characteristic of her what?Well, what can I say ?!Selfish, going ahead, firmly standing on their feet, sometimes whimsical, like a child.Different straightforwardness, first says, then thinks.If the aim is scheduled, it will go to it, without turning or looking back.Despite the activity, which has given the sign of the element of fire in full, Aries woman is always romantic.She believes in the great love of bright, often giving up.At the same time a long time does not fall into despair, as knows exactly what will come a new day will bring new enthusiasm and joy.This woman is always playing some role in the live image.In her raging emotions and feelings, even in bed she prefers to be passive, but is waiting for activity and even coarse pressure from men.Look for animal passion, which she did not have enough to be completely happy, because the rest of it, and think out myself believe it.It is able to believe in all that she wants.The woman, born under the rule of Mars, the warrior always, always invader, always a winner, which is hidden under the armor of a gentle heart full of dreams and love.

Aries female.Characteristics of positive and negative features

Perhaps excessive obstinacy and die-hard - this is its shortcomings.Sometimes the damage can afford to go on principle.Self-confidence and whims often harm our plans, but Aries will go ahead, knocking down everything in its path.He loves the praise, but sincere, without hypocrisy and flattery.It's devoted friends and faithful friend.Do not hold the Aries courage and bravery, always intercede for the weaker.But the "fiery" woman is never enough endurance and patience, and sometimes stroke.She could easily rudely cut short.No offense, Mars gave her tireless energy, splashing over the edge.She did not know what to do with it.Aries wants to run in all directions at once, simultaneously, at the same time losing its integrity.

Aries.Characteristics of male fire sign

In contrast to the beautiful half of this ram more restrained in expression of feelings, though capable of deep and sincere manifestation of friendship and love.But the addicting nature of Aries male distinguishes between the physical and spiritual love.Frequent treason, though he is not so Aries calls.Rush and action - so you can characterize this sign.Thirst for knowledge, the pursuit of perfection of all things, to the transformation of birth under the sign of many explorers and pioneers.

Aries female.Feature mark in life

boundless energy make diverse life of Aries.The changes accompany her everywhere.Moving, changing partners, work - all of this often prevents a career as Aries are not able to fix the result, stop and think.

Aries female.Characteristics of the person in love and marriage

because of the desire for leadership, independence and habit of recklessly spend money Aries woman rarely happy in marriage.With children who are in the family little sign of spring, friendly and even friendships.In the family of the leader of Aries, charging all the members of his irrepressible energy.Easy-going, eager to change the places of leisure, residence, likes to make moving furniture in the apartment and repair.

compatibility horoscope

- Aries have his mark with the little chance of marital happiness because of the intransigence and stubbornness partners.

- With the Taurus is only friendship and cooperation.

- twins generally good union, provided that they are tame and call his sheep to look inside yourself.

- unfavorable alliance with Cancer.Needless to irritate sensitive Cancer Aries his eternal complaints and pleas.

- perfect union with a similar temperament sign of Leo.

- with the Virgin union is doomed to failure, the cold calculating Virgin marriage threatens a great tragedy.

- physical attraction to Libra, but frequent disputes destroy any family.

- Scorpio, pulls Aries, but this time, it can turn into a tragedy for the latter.Fatal passion divorce.Aries sign of autumn should be avoided Water.

- to Sagittarius interest, desire, but the union is seldom strong.

- with Capricorn alliance fails because of a difference of two characters.

- successful union drive and strong marriage with the air of Aquarius, one of the best options for Aries.

- with fish have sympathy, but no more.The marriage was doomed.