Mascots Feng Shui

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I've never been a fan of the Eastern teachings.Unlike me, my wife was interested in the East, and I admit truthfully, did not take this hobby, but did not dissuade her.My wife told me about periodically mascots Feng Shui, offering together to pick something for me, but I often denies until until the frequent difficulties in the work.House from time to time there were various figurines, mascots feng shui, but I looked at them as unusual interior details.I, of course, trying not to show his wife vostrevozhennosti, but she herself began to think that my company pursued the problems in business.Customers did not have some big contracts have been concluded, and at the time of powerlessness I told my wife.She wanted to buy a business deity Ganesha, which I, of course, reacted with skepticism.In the end I agreed.At work has graced the amulet for a successful business - the deity with an elephant's head.I like the first thought that the figurines, mascots Feng Shui, golden toads - all methods of entertainment for adults.

Three days later, I called back companions, and said that they accept the conditions, and we are ready to sign a contract.Joy knew no bounds.2 days later received a couple of successful cooperation proposals.Today, of the gloomy duddy-skeptic, I turned into a joyful, successful businessman, firmly knowing that he has a strong rear and support in the form of amulets.In order to confirm the success, and God forbid, do not discourage success, I asked her husband to order something else from the tools of Feng Shui.I realized that luck - seniority mascot, anyway, I did not find a logical explanation for the fact that miraculously, during the week of my business has improved.Now, in addition to the deity, and I had a toad feng shui.My business is growing rapidly, the company entered the national level, and this, undoubtedly, is the merit of my amulets.Yes, of course, there are moments that should work with remarkable zeal, but hard to stay behind.Now I'm trying to make useful gifts to your friends that do not just perform an aesthetic function, but also meet the more important goals.
When, by the way, you need someone to give money as a gift to a celebration, I use cash envelopes feng shui.Then, when to give a small but useful gift, I give a coin purse.Coins for feng shui, you can keep on working at home.They do not take up space.You are likely to meet them often in souvenir shops.For example, I pile up coins from the amulet.Summing up, I want to say thanks to Feng Shui, I not only qualitatively changed his life, and more, and changed his mind, which allowed me to get rid of false stereotypes philistine plan.