Grey geese are beneficial for breeding

Grey Geese - waterfowl belonging to the family Anatidae.The body length can reach up to 0.9 meters, a wingspan of up to 1.8 m. The head is large, beak short, thick, red with a bright finish.The neck shortened, back straight, wide, convex chest.Wings developed close to the body.The legs are short, on his stomach has skin folds.The plumage is mostly gray with various shades.The edges of the feathers on the back of a little lighter.On the neck and abdomen possible wavy.Gussaki (8 kg) larger geese (up to 6 kg).

Pedigree gray geese grow 2 months to 4 kg.During the season from adult geese, given the offspring can get about 60 kg of tasty meat.To grow gosling to 75-day-old meat, need about 12 kg of grain, about 30 kg of greens, vitamins and supplements.Figures are for those who are hesitant to breed these birds.

Bird this unpretentious, hardy, fairly resistant to disease.The abundance of litter and area for walking - important conditions of its content.Outdoors spends much of the time walking, even a mild frost gray goose.Photo shows it well.But his feet and beak may freeze, which is why you need a lot of litter.

gray geese grazing on pasture grass, eating about 2 kg of greens a day.Preference is given to plantain, dandelion, nettle, Convolvulus, yarrow and others. If a good pasture, then concentrate it is necessary to give about 60 g per bird per day.In addition to herbs, geese needed vegetable protein feed (peas, beans, cake), meat and bone and fish meal.Rye and vetch should not be given, they are fat quality deteriorates.

geese should be provided with fresh water at any time of year, not only for drinking but also for washing beak.In winter, they willingly eat snow.Despite the fact that the birds these waterfowl, they can safely do without the reservoir.

Large gray geese - breed, bred both in Ukraine and in the Tambov region.Obtained by crossing of Toulouse geese Romanowski.Egg production begins with 10 months of age and lasts up to two years, after falling sharply.Geese are about 60 eggs per year.Brooding instinct have developed well.

Goslings appear approximately 20 days after hatching.Keep them need separate from adults.For rearing must be whitewashed room warm and dry litter.If for some reason the goslings are without a mother, they require additional heating.You can use ordinary water-filled heating pads.At first, the goslings are very vulnerable, feed and water they need plenty.At night, it is desirable to include dim lighting, youngsters will behave calmly.

Grey geese live for about 5 years, so the breeding herd should be formed only from individuals with no physical defects.Otherwise maintenance costs exceed the economic advantage.On one gander at the tribe should fall 3-4 goose.Breeding herd can not fatten as well as individuals, are intended to clogging.For the successful cultivation of their food must be balanced.

breeding geese - troublesome, but tasty dietary meat obtained from them is worth it.