Chicken manure as fertilizer: a stunning effect

Chicken manure can be called one of the most affordable fertilizer for gardeners.For urban residents cows in country houses do not hold.As for the chicken, the country houses of their breed many.Meanwhile, their manure is nutritionally superior to even the cows.Use

chicken manure as fertilizer costs and because it contains a sufficient amount of nitrogen and phosphorus.These substances when making this type of manure into the ground completely absorbed by plants.After chicken manure - organic fertilizer, and therefore, in contrast to the mineral, "live".Phosphorus, included in its structure, forms no compounds with the components of the soil.

Good use chicken manure as fertilizer also because it contains nutrients such as boron, zinc, copper, cobalt, etc.Part of it auxins and bioactive components that contribute to accelerating the growth of plants.Apply the manure in a dry and in diluted form.And he and the other methods are effective.

So, let's look in more detail how to use chicken manure.Many gardeners are advised to feed their plants three times per season.In the spring, at the beginning of the growing season, ie in May and June, in the summer during flowering vegetable and fruit crops and fruiting during the active, in order to maintain its intensity.

apply chicken manure as fertilizer should be correct.In most cases, it is made into mash.To do this they fill the barrel by a third, and then topped up with water.The resulting mixture should stand for about 2-4 days.At the same time it is necessary to stir constantly.To speed up decomposition, you can add a special preparation "Tamir" or "Baikal M".(1 tablespoon in a bucket of water).After the fertilizer is ready, it is diluted 1 x 1 x 3 or 4, with water and applied to a bed of calculating a half liter per square meter.

Many gardeners have repeatedly noted that a week or two after the application of manure plants start to flourish and bear fruit.That is, it gives them a huge boost to growth.So the chicken manure as fertilizer is certainly useful, and use it as if it is possible, it is certainly worth it.Virtually all plants, energized them become powerful, strong, beautiful and healthy-looking.Harvest under such care of them will be plentiful, and the fruits delicious and healthy.

Some gardeners use chicken manure and dry.This method is more versatile and easy to perform.Consider how the chicken manure to fertilize the garden, without soaking it.This method is used at the end or beginning of the season.Litter can be used as a whole or crushed.All you need to do - to make it into the soil by digging.The quantity of manure is calculated so that one square meter of it had to be about 500 of

chicken droppings as fertilizer is different nutritious, availability of enormous amounts of nutrients and minerals, easily absorbed by plants, is accessible and easy to use.Although this type of manure on some indicators yields equine and cows, for plants it is extraordinarily useful.