Watermelon - growing in the Urals possible!

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Watermelon - is not only a wonderful taste and aroma, but also berry, which has many useful properties for the body.For example, it contains fructose, pectin, improving digestion, salts of magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber and B vitamins, this gift of summer helps with anemia, edema, renal stone disease and is used as a reducing agent after surgery under general anesthesia.Few people know that in addition to pulp, useful in watermelon seeds.They, along with pumpkin are anthelmintic and contain large amounts of vitamin D. In the rural areas still for headaches and migraines, instead of tablets tied to his head thick watermelon rinds.

Volgograd, Astrakhan region, Kalmykia, Uzbekistan - these are regions where growing watermelon.Growing in the Urals, this culture is associated with certain difficulties due to, first of all climatic conditions.This berry is extremely thermophilic: germination it requires not less than 17 ° C, and optimal growth - more than 25 ° C by day and 18 ° C at night.Watermelon, growing in the Urals, which is often hampered by high humidity require enough dry air (60-70%).Excessive "water" leading to fungal diseases, the death of a plant or a significant deterioration in the quality of the fruit.

What you need to do to get in your garden tasty watermelon?Growing in the Urals and central Russia implies a very careful approach to the choice of seed.Experts recommend varieties "Sugar Baby", "Skorik" or "Spark", which mature in 60-70 days, which corresponds exactly to the warm season.Suitable as a group of F1 («Krimstar", "Charleston near Moscow" and others.).But these plants do not produce good seeds for the next year.When selecting varieties need to look at the number of days from the ovaries of fruit until tender.This will determine whether ripen watermelon growing in the Urals, which is limited to a short warm days of summer.You can also pay attention to the shape of the fruit, large-fruited, transportability, if you're going to grow produce for sale.Packets of seeds should be taken only in specialty stores, asthe markets they may be frostbitten because of incorrect storage.

So, we want to get watermelons in the Urals.Growing crops begins with washing the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate slightly pink.This ensures disinfection and culling surfaced copies.This is followed by heating of the seeds of the battery (the temperature should not exceed 50 ° C) to start somewhere for a week before the anticipated planting.Himself crop is usually carried out in mid or late April.

Seeds can be planted in the bags of milk to a depth of about 3 cm, pre-Strait land a hot solution of potassium permanganate.The package is closed with polyethylene and placed on the sunny side of the window.The optimum temperature for germination is about 27 ° C, it sprouts will be ready in a month (it has 3-5 leaves).

If you do not want to ruin your weather watermelon, cultivation of this plant in the Urals under the film should start by planting seedlings at 15-20 late May.The distance between the sprouts should be about half a meter in each well is brought about a kilogram of compost and committed Strait of warm water.Seedling someone should just rise above the ridge (a few centimeters), so that the plant does not bend.The film was removed from the ridges in mid to late June, when the watermelon flowers.After the formation of 2-3 fruits of the remaining ovary is cut, remove the excess branches, the remaining watermelon to receive more light.The maturity of the fruit is determined not by size, but by show a clear pattern, decrease waxy coating, hollow sound when tapped.The ability to distinguish mature from the immature fruit comes only with experience.The experience gives you the opportunity to grow some exotic varieties, such as watermelon with yellow flesh or square shape.