Development and an example of social advertising in Russia

origin and, consequently, the development of social advertising in the information market in Russia was determined a significant cause of moments.Each example of social advertising, shown below, talks about the many events that took place in the Russian Federation.In 1992, there were video clips "Bee," "Call your parents" (Burenkov agency "Domino").Disruption of social relationships, economic and political crises in Russia, the rapid development of crime lead to the demoralization of society, form a new system of relations based on the primacy of property values.Public exposure of the Russian population, the lack of support from the state and social systems caused the aggravation of existing problems and the emergence of other - social.There was an obvious need for change in public policy.The instrument of this policy was the social advertising.

How originated PSAs

The Russian social advertising as a form of information and promotional activities there are more than ten years in the same countries of the West - more than a century.In the Russian Federation in 1993 was created by the so-called Ad Council, its membership includes both advertising companies, media ("Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Trud" - prints; NTV, "Ostankino" ̶ broadcaster, "Radio Russia", "Europeplus "," lighthouse "̶ radio) and some non-governmental organizations - Moscow Charity and Health Foundation and many others.The purpose of this council is the production of a single product advertising on society.Its members develop examples of social events for the print media, produce audio and video clips.The base position of the Council is based on the refusal to put its mark on the advertising product.

How it looks

Social advertising, examples of the texts of the Council:

  • Family relationships in the "Children's parents."An example of social advertising (text) in this section: "They grew up and forgot their parents. Do you remember? Call your parents."
  • Family relationships in the "Children in the family": "To grow a flower, you need a lot of energy. Children - no flowers, give them more love."
  • Attitude to life: "This is a bee. For all of them decided to life. We are building a life for yourself. Do not be afraid of change."

Categories Advertising Council

Board members regularly hosts themed press conference, organized by the publication of information material in other media, held various presentations and excursions.They participate in special training for social workers in the implementation of social science projects carried out all possible support to the creation of social organizations, unions, clubs are actively involved in the theme days: Children's Day, the Day of donor TB Day, Health Daylifestyle, and so on. d. Many Russian non-profit organizations have arisen and work of the press service.The Socio-Ecological Union press office was formed in 1999.The purpose of creation was the dissemination of environmental and social information in the media.The basis for the beginning of its activities is to send newsletters about the existence and activities of the Union, now press office operates on several fronts.Employees prepare and send out press releases about the actions of the authorities on the environmental problems of the achievements in the field of environmental protection, about innovative technologies, environmental legislation, and more.SEU has a unique database on environmental issues, which come from more than 250 members of the Union.As a result, the press service of the Union constantly turning about 130 Russian and foreign media.A significant step was the emergence in the Russian Agency for Social Information.Russian authorities and the media refer to its services.Since the inception of the agency in the life of society can now be found at every step example of social advertising (as in public transport and in other crowded places).

Legislative regulation of social advertising

In Russia, the existence of social advertising be regulated by law.Article 10 of the Federal Law "On Advertising" in 2006 suggests that social advertising aimed at the public and the public interest and pursuing charitable purposes.Legislative regulation of social advertising says
creating a professional company that produces social products and contributes to the significant public interest in social issues.An example of social advertising to promote the interest of the population is the emergence of the category of "social advertising" in a sufficiently influential advertising competitions Russia: Youth Festival Advertising Festival in Nizhny Novgorod, and so on. D.

Social advertising, examples, its perception

results of sociologicalsurvey, which was conducted in 2000 in Novosibirsk (involved 60 respondents) indicate a low knowledge of social advertising (25%), with the example of social advertising videos have been named on the ACE and attitudes of parents and children ("Call your parents").Additionally, the respondents recalled the various meetings on the theme of drug addiction, AIDS, broadcast media.They expressed a positive attitude towards public service in 65% of cases.20% did not see much use in advertising, and only 15% believe such advertising the need for the formation of social opinion.

social issues as a theme or an example of social advertising

All the social problems that need to mention through PSAs, respondents allocated audience in a way that it is impossible to determine the priority issues.Thus, the survey led to the following results:

  • problem of drug addiction and alcoholism (the only problem raised by respondents to the first place of importance - 65%);
  • protection of motherhood and childhood;
  • environmental protection;
  • the formation of a national idea.

Thus, the best examples of social advertising in Russia - those that feature on paper in the form of posters or other options, and put on public display in a public place, a place most crowded.