Dream interpretation: the pursuit.

Anyone who has not looked in the dream book?Chasing what dream?If you saw a dream chasing them, themselves ran for someone or have seen someone for someone chases and you want to know what this dream, it is necessary to recall all the details as much as possible (running away from someone orThey chased, caught or not, who was still in the dream).In general, the pursuit is a sign of the presence of a person of any fears or concerns, feelings of regret about the missed opportunity, or not achieve their goal.Let's look at dream interpretation.Away from the chase - the dream has different explanations, depending on the circumstances in which the action takes place.Let us consider in more detail what this dream.

look in dream interpretation.The chase - the interpretation

Depending on how involved you are in pursuit or just watched, pursued by someone or run away, there are many different interpretations.

First of all, if you are running in the pursuit of something, it means your desire to achieve something, whether it's an improvement in career or an impossible dream.If you run away, it means that you are haunted by fears may burden something impracticable or unresolved grievances and disputes.If you chase a dream during a nightmare, it can display the hidden fears, most of all in life with loved ones and close friends.

Watch chase from the side - it's a sign that you sat idle, it's time to take part, not to be an ordinary observer.

ran across the bridge in a dream - the loss of love, but if during the chase you run away from anyone, it symbolizes a new stage of life.

What tells dream interpretation?The chase, running away from someone - the interpretation

run away from someone - is to run away from problems.

If you dream that one who is chased, behind, you can not worry.The problems that hang down and will not cause any harm.Soon you will be able to get rid of them.

run away from a man in a dream means that in life you will soon be deceived.You need to be attentive to people around.For young girls dream where she runs away from a man, it can be interpreted as unwillingness unconscious for a serious relationship.

To dream overtakes you chase and try to quickly get away from it - hence, in the near future will have a lot of things done in a hurry, so it must begin to resolve their case.If you dream you are pursuing loved one, then soon he will want to make amends.

run away from the killer or maniac - the dream means that soon you will need all the strength and energy to solve urgent business.

If you are caught up in the chase, it's a sign that the accumulated problems can not be avoided.Perhaps it will be an unpleasant conversation, which would entail the trouble or problems at work.

Chase, harassment

What do we tell the dream book?Chase, harassment - where this dream?Long chase someone or something means that soon you will be rewarded for their efforts and labor.

Chasing a dream of a loved one can symbolize your hidden desire to help him, to send in the right direction.Also, you should think about why this man runs away from you, maybe he does not need help, or you are too intrusive.

If you chase a beloved husband, then, alas, but it does mean that your relationship is breaking down, and can not be saved.

chasing someone at night - it is a sign of impending doom, you had a premonition, but as it has not yet become part of the reality, we can all still be avoided.

If during the chase in a dream you are pursuing the beloved, it means that you pay much attention to it, which could lead to a breach of relations.Allow yourself to be a little selfish, because the more we love the girl, the less she likes us.

Chase car

Look into the dream book.The chase in a car - what it means to dream?If you run away from anyone in the car, while uvilivaya, it means that you are trying to hide anything, get away from the problems.You should seriously think about your secret or plan and decide - perhaps you should not equivocate?

Riding in a car with a companion means that your relationship with that person improve.

Pursuit, animals

What does the dream book?Chasing animals walking along the trail, - why this dream?Run away from the animals - a dream means that soon there will be gossip and intrigue.You should carefully look closely, you did not say anything superfluous.But if a girl dreams that she runs away from the bear, it is possible that soon she will marry.Entrepreneurs bear in a dream promises to problems in business and soon trouble.

run away in his sleep of a snake - the inevitable health problems.You should not hesitate to visit a doctor.

To dream about a dog that runs away, is worsening financial situation.But do not worry, since the money lost could soon be back.

Run away from a cat in a dream - it is a very bad sign, which means that soon will be trouble, which will lay not only you but also the loved ones.

Chase on weekdays

the interpretation often depends on what day of the week, he dreamed.Let's look at dream interpretation - chase on different days of the week is so important.

  • If Chase had a dream on Monday, it means that something in your life you will not be able to change.But as they say, what will be, will not escape, well, prepare for the shock of fate can be.
  • Dreaming prosecution on Tuesday?It speaks about health, running can become seriously ill.And if you run for a loved one, then you want to help him and he is in need.
  • If during the chase on Wednesday dreamed you fall, it may mean death.If you stumble - or deadly accident.
  • Dreams on Thursday talking about financial position.If you overtake someone in a dream - it promises profits, and if you catch up - expect monetary instability.
  • Friday - dreams say about the internal state, so running away from someone, you run away from himself and his problems.
  • Saturday about chasing a dream means that you are following the wrong beliefs.Maybe it's time to grow up and find a soul mate, eventually start a family.
  • Sunday - everything bad is behind us, soon to be glad tidings.