Modern young actors Spain.

Thanks serials sunny Spain viewers know what passionate and burning can be the man on the screen.After representatives of the "adult" melodramas of the 2000s on the heels of the younger generation.In this article we will try to understand what 30-year-old Martin Rivas won the status of popular stars.

writers will not!

Martin was born in 1985 in the family of one of the most popular contemporary writers in Spain.Manuel Rivas gave the fans a lot of works that not only left an impressive circulation, but were filmed.As to his son, he never was fond of literature, and especially not tried to go in the footsteps of their fathers.Martin Rivas has grown on the sunny coast of Galicia, in the city of La Coruna.Here he spent his childhood here mastered surfing.Leave the northwest and move closer to the center of the country forced the desire to try his hand at acting.

time thinking

when Martin was 8 years old, he made his debut in the school play, and at the age of 13 years went to the casting drama series "Tides".Shaw enjoyed the audience success, and those who took the first steps television, dreaming to get into it.Assessment talent fully cameo did not help, and he himself, Martin Rivas was still in thought, whether to become an actor, or choose different something for everyone.Whatever it was, for several years the teenager forgets television career, concentrating on their studies.

on a wave of popularity

graduated from high school, he decided to try his luck again.This time luck turned to face Rivas.In 2006, he joined the youth series "Dream without fear," which made the first steps of other Spanish actor Mario Casas ("Three meters above the sky"), Guillermo Barrientos ("Grand Hotel"), Raul Pena ("SecretsLaura "), Jon Gonzalez (" Under Suspicion ").With many of them it will retain the friendship and not just meet on the same set, as, for example, with Gonzalez, which comes off later in the mystical project "Black Lagoon".It was this series Rivas brought into the category of promising stars.

"Laguna ..." lasted for seven seasons that the Spanish television were a good indicator.According to Martin, the role he believes first serious experience, because the shooting took place each day.According to the memoirs of the actor, sometimes they were simply exhausting: he had to do several takes, and some scenes were copied writers on the go.

In 2008, appears on the screen drama "The Blind Sunflowers".The plot develops during the period of the country's difficult to change.Around - reflections of the Civil War, the protagonist is forced to hide from the police and watch as his wife takes care of the other man, pregnant daughter flees across the border together with her lover ... Martin Rivas received a minor way, but his game as the painting itself, received warm reviewscritics and awards at film festivals.In 2012, the actor offered the title role in the fantasy series "Gift Album".This is followed by two feature films: the comedy "Three Wedding" and "The people on the site."

Love everywhere

about the personal life of an actor there were a lot of rumors.On the set of "Black Lagoon" he met actress Anna de Armas.By the way note, she remains one of the most popular young stars.Over her shoulder - participated in more than 20 projects, including several joint ventures with Rivas paintings, and in 2015 it can be seen in the thriller "Who's there" with Keanu Reeves.For a long time the pair are not recognized in the novel, but often appears on the social events.

Anne de Armas and Martin Rivas did not immediately opened to the public.Prior to that, she was married to another "handsome" actor Mark Klotetom with which it Press other long marriage.But, as it turned out, the feelings were not so strong, and Anna found solace in the arms of Rivas.