Appropriating economy - what is this?

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Many historical facts about the origin of man from the animals.Another 2 million years ago, he began to stand out among similar bipedal locomotion, the improvement of the hands and the brain.Constant changes have occurred in the area of ​​food production.One way to ensure existence is appropriating economy.What it is and what it led - it is described in this article.

What is an appropriating economy?

assigns farming - is the type of activity of primitive man, which is characterized by the assignment of all the gifts of nature for sustenance.Humanity is engaged as early as the Paleolithic era.Then the population was still low, problems with livelihood arose.People took on the nature of all that we could, and it was true.After all, it gave off, and people collected them.

How did appropriating economy?

According to Darwin's theory of hunting and gathering mankind borrowed from animals.Guided nature needs people used appropriating economy.This is confirmed by a number of excavations and historical facts.But no matter how the first humans compared with animals, man has never appropriated the natural resources "with his bare hands."

According to historical documents, even in the earliest stages of its existence, humanity comes up with different tools that have simplified everyday life.For example, the ancient Africans split the stones so as to get a sharp edge for quick dismemberment carcasses killed game.Over time, people invent new economic subjects and have learned to use the natural resources for the necessities of life.They even had a needle to tinkering his clothes from the skins of dead animals.

still quite a long time, all tribes and peoples were appropriating economy.Producing economy emerged only V millennium. BC.e.

Features activities

Scientists have identified many important features that have the appropriating economy.This type of economy is characterized by the following features:

  • collective activity;
  • keeping it all the inhabitants of the tribe, so that all appropriation is divided equally;
  • people and nature are in equal dependence;
  • used exclusively for assignment stone tools;
  • development of technical progress, albeit slowly;
  • differentiation of labor by age and gender.

Types appropriating economy

are several industries that are appropriating economy.This gathering, fishing and hunting.The main occupations of the ancient people were hunting and gathering.At different stages of development and in different climatic conditions the ratio of these activities could be different.


In many tribes, fishing is the main economic sector.Humanity has successfully mastered the rivers, seas, learned to fish in large quantities.Notable changes acquire fishing gear: there are nets, hook boat with oars.Fishing simplified so that they can deal with even the children.Some tribes believed in the existence of different gods in charge of weather or crop, and brought them to the victim in the form of production.Among them are fishermen.


As the invention of new hunting guns held easier and did not take long, and the tribes could move rapidly and explore new territory.People began to invent all sorts of traps, invented driven hunt, began to make blades, knives, stone axes, spears.

hunting productivity has increased significantly since the invention of spear throwers, which was a stick with a focus.The special shape of the spear flew as a sacrifice at the speed of an arrow.Atlatl is considered the first mechanical tool that complemented the human muscle power.

At the end of the Paleolithic climatic conditions have changed significantly, and the epoch of glaciation.People began to look for new land where they could comfortably dwell and keep appropriating economy.The definition of such places was an important moment, as means of subsistence is not enough, and the time spent on searches, could cost the life of the whole tribe.

In an era of glaciation people hunted mainly on reindeer and wild horses.To catch these animals, the tribes used the driven hunt.It is allowed to catch a large number of animals in a short period of time.In the cold season animals were valuable prey not only as food.They provide people with skins and fur to warm the body and improvement of dwellings.Reindeer were a means of transportation in the commission of seasonal nomadism.For example, in the hot season, the people moved closer to the tundra and forest zones in the winter looking for.Thanks to the search of better living conditions of mankind explore new ground.

After the retreat of the glacier began the era of the Mesolithic.Deer Care glaciers, followed by hunters trod.Some people remained in place, adapting to the assignment of small animals.The Mesolithic period mankind has invented the boomerang, bow and arrows and.These technical advances have made it dangerous for the human fauna.Also during this period the person was able to tame the first animal - a dog.She became a faithful and indispensable tool in the hunt.


After the retreat of the glacier and the general warming have come favorable conditions for the gathering.In many tribes, it was a priority sector, which keep all the appropriating economy.This activity included not only the search for food, but also their processing and cooking.The objects were gathering for wild fruits and berries, nuts, grains, herbs, roots, leaves, seaweed, mushrooms, eggs, birds, insects, frogs and lizards, crayfish, snails, wild honey bees.Often this was the basis of the food supply of primitive people, and gathering itself is a more reliable source of livelihood than hunting and fishing.

this industry sector is mainly done by women and children.However, in some cases, the obligation is still performed exclusively by men.For example, to gather wild honey needed physical strength to climb a tree or rock.Collectors also invented various implements and tools for accelerating the process of harvesting food.Thus, in this branch of the economy are widely used stone grinders, hoe, reaping knives.

Neolithic Revolution

Favourable climatic conditions in the end contributed to the development of the Mesolithic appropriating economy.From this period mankind has developed rapidly.Tribes rapidly grew and began to feel the lack of natural gifts.Even in areas of habitat and herd animals on the sea coasts of food is not enough.In such circumstances it was impossible to appropriating economy.Identify new areas to solve questions with food only partially.This is an important feature of the era appropriating economy - people can live only in the places of distribution of animals and plants.This natural relationship will soon start to squeeze the development of society and the world.

In difficult conditions the survival of people began to pay more attention to plants that produced much fruit: rice, wheat, barley.They understood that not necessarily look for land with wild crops, if they are good harvest in the land near the settlement.So people have learned to do sow, cultivate, fertilize crops, to protect crops from birds and animals.Thus humanity has mastered agriculture.

Taming wild animals concludes an era in which there were appropriating economy.Pets are often used not only as a basis of power, but also to perform physical work.For example, for the cultivation or as a means of transportation.

The development of agriculture and animal husbandry is considered to be the most important process in the development of mankind.He went down in history as the "Neolithic Revolution."