The names of liqueurs.

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Have you ever tried liqueur?This pleasant drink with a delicate taste and subtle aroma surprising why it is considered predominantly female choice.But is it?Of course not.

velvety and refined taste of famous liquors will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of high-quality alcoholic beverages.There are many different kinds of liqueurs: cream, milk, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, creamy, egg, fruit, herbal, whiskey, liqueurs, and so on. D. Having tasted different, you can find a variety suitable to your taste, aroma, color andstructure.


word 'liqueur' is derived from Latin.liquor - «liquid».First name liqueurs invented, apparently, the ancient physicians and scientists monks invent different drinking the drug.And because the taste of herbal elixirs was, to put it mildly, peculiar, ingenious doctors to mixed into the sugar and honey.

As a result, managed to create many varieties of the drink.Some names of liqueurs appeared in honor of the monastic orders, where they were first produced, or in honor of geographical locations where they were created.

Modern liqueurs made from fruit and herbal extracts mixed with fortified fruit or berry juices, essential oils, fragrances and sugar.Depending on the volume of ethyl alcohol drinks vary in degrees of the fortress from the tender 15% to 75% of scalding.

If you are interested in the elite alcoholic beverages, it is useful to remember some of the names of liqueurs, the world famous:

  • «Galliano" (Italian).
  • «Amaretto" (Italian).
  • «Sambuca" (Italian).
  • «Chartreuse" (French).
  • «Grand Marnier" (French).
  • «Cointreau" (French).
  • «Mandarin Napoleon" (Belgium).
  • «Jägermeister" or "Jägermeister" (German).
  • «Southern Comfort" (US).
  • «Curacao" (Caribbean).
  • «Kahlua" (Mexican).
  • «Tia Maria" (Jamaican).

For fans of an invigorating drink

all coffee drinkers will surely appreciate delicious coffee liqueur.The name may be different, "Mocha", "Mocha cream" and so on. N. But the most famous coffee liqueur - a "Kahlua", which is home to Mexico.Available in different varieties of the drink: with the addition of chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and so on. D.

Fortress coffee liqueur is between 20 and 36 degrees.This drink is often used for cocktails (including the famous recipes - Black Russian and White Russian).Often drink coffee liqueur chilled, even with ice.Sometimes, in order to reduce the fortress they are diluted with water or milk.Especially nice to drink a glass of liqueur after dinner coffee with a delicate dessert tiramisu or parfait.

merger of opposites

nice to have a delicate flavor viscous cream liqueurs.The names of many of them at the hearing among fans of fine alcohol: "Baileys '' Sheridans '' Canary '' Brogans", "lawyer" and others.

It would seem difficult to imagine something, so do not like each other, like air, natural creams and really strong alcohol.However, these two ingredients are based cream liqueur.As the alcohol component is usually an Irish or Scottish whiskey, vodka or rum.

Cream liqueur is traditionally used in the preparation of delicious cocktails.In its pure form, as well as coffee, consumed at the end of the meal with coffee or tea, and a variety of desserts.Especially good creamy liqueur combined with ice cream, fruit salads and pastries.

Taste flame

anise liqueur - the name of an alcoholic beverage, made on the basis of plant extracts.Traditionally, the main ingredient acts anise, star anise less.Such a special flavor liqueur - a pleasant sweetness with bright and rich aftertaste.The aroma should be delicate, anise, lemon and consistency - a measure viscous.If the drink is diluted with water, it is noticeably cloudy, acquiring the color of milk.

Alcohol-based anise are very popular in many countries, and each name liquors are associated with national characteristics.For example, in the Middle East and Central Asia, a liqueur called "Arak", France - "Pastis" in Greece - "Ouzo", and in Italy - "Sambuca".Last kind of famous all over the world.It is the perfect complement to cold appetizers, cheeses and desserts, and has a number of medicinal properties.Often, before the use of the fire to drink it in a glass.The famous version of this drink is also a French liqueur spicy "Anisette".

-alcoholic fruit fun

Insisting on apricots brandy or mixing strong drink fresh juice of this fruit is obtained has a pleasant taste and aroma of apricot liqueur charming.The name of the most popular type of beverage speaks for itself - "Abrikotin."It is widely used in many recipes of confectionery: cakes, sweet pies, jellies, and so on. N. At present, this mark of apricot liqueur recorded and produced in France.

On the basis of apricot juice made famous liqueur "Apricot Brandy" and using the seed preparing the world famous "amaretto".

also very popular many homemade recipes of this pleasant and fragrant drink.In addition, apricot liqueur is the basis for some interesting and beautiful cocktail.

Secrets correct use

Serve as the end of dinner liqueurs, cakes and desserts.For use there is a special liqueur drink a glass on a long stalk that looks like a white wine glass, only a little smaller.Capacity ordinary glasses for liquor is 25 ml, but there are also varieties of 40 and 60 ml.

There are two ways to use the considered beverage.The first - short drink (gulp to instantly feel the rich aftertaste).The second - long drink (slowly sipping and enjoying all the flavors and aroma).The advantage of a particular method depends on the variety and consistency of the drink.

If you're a fan of noble, pleasant and fragrant alcoholic beverages and enjoy drinking alcohol along with desserts, while various types of liqueurs - this is what you need.