Juice "Rich": composition and reviews

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goods on the market in the modern world quite a lot of competition.Especially in the field of drinks.On the shelves you can see a lot of variety of juices.Then arises a difficult choice: what kind of product should I buy?Juice "Rich" - is represented by one of the shelves juice.Today we will discuss why we have chosen precisely this brand of beverage.According to statistics, the juice "Rich" has positive reviews.Today we see what it attracts people to these products.

eternal competition

Of course, there is no consensus what kind of soft drink better.The choice, as already mentioned, is extensive.The buyer can choose absolutely any company producer, every taste and even color.Species diversity, flavors and packaging changes all the time, every time product quality improves, companies and competition is increasing.In order to be called "the best producer of juices", the company come up with promotions and advertising.Diversity of flavors will grant the buyer all the juice "Rich".The range of flavors is simply awesome - from the classic fruit, berry mixes up.In addition, many noted that the promotions of this company is quite a positive impact on demand.

important factor in the competitiveness of juice is a rich variety of flavors.On the shelves of supermarkets can see countless different drinks: exotic fruits and vegetables, and berries, and fruit "mixes".All that only your heart desires.However, each manufacturer is one and the same "taste" differs.Thus, for example, orange juice, for example, one company has a different taste than the other.Juice "Rich", as well as many other juices, offers a wide range of tastes.

What juice Rich

juice "Rich" - a tasty and natural juice, which can be found on the shelves of modern supermarkets and shops.Fruit, berry or vegetable natural flavor became available with the company "Multon".She gave people juices "My Family" and "Good", and then started to develop Rich.

brightness and saturation of flavors is now presented to customers in all stores.Juice "Rich", the composition of which has no adverse substances ensures customers enjoy!

What good juices Rich

juice "Rich" has a number of significant advantages over other juices.Which, we now see.

To start this advertising campaigns that demonstrate buyers juice "Rich".Advertising has no plot as such, but the meaning is clear - with the drink life is filled with bright colors and fun.Is this not enough people in their daily routine?

important point is the fact that the juice has a "Rich" a compound that does not contain preservatives or any GMO products.Manufacturer "Multon" made sure that all products are made from natural and fresh components.Thus, the juice "Rich" is made only from selected fruits and vegetables.Nothing, except the real juice!

juice "Rich" - it is also a great "snack."Some variants of these juices contain a fruit or vegetable puree, which saturates the body fairly quickly.In addition, there is also a separate Rich products under the name "fruit puree" which is perfect for both children and adults.Will seduce you!

In addition, the juice "Rich" is available in all the shops in Russia.It is delicious and affordable nectar, which can be enjoyed for a long time.You do not need to "rush" to find the right soft and healthy drink - just go to any grocery store.Juice "Rich", which is a manufacturer of quality products is different - it is the guarantee of health and good feeling!


But, as with all products, from juices are Rich and his so-called pitfalls.Do not be scared and immediately abandon this product.It is non-hazardous and are available for most products from different manufacturers cons.

most important component of any commodity is the price.Buyers often argue that the price tag on the product is quite high.Indeed, in some areas it can reach up to 80 rubles per 1 liter of juice.But this price can be justified by the fact that the manufacturer guarantees the production of 100% natural products.

Another shortcoming found during testing of juice from different manufacturers.This is something that as a part of his orange Rich, like most of the other companies of juice contains tangerine juice.Thus, orange juices are natural, but slightly diluted with other citrus fruit.

final pitfall - is an allergic reaction.It's no secret that the citrus fruit - it is the most powerful allergens.Thus, any citrus fruit natural juice - is the causative agent of an allergic reaction.So do not give it to drink very young children.

Many flavors

attention of buyers represented juice "Rich", the range is extensive.Today on the shelves you can find about 13 unforgettable and exquisite taste.These can be attributed to all the usual apple and oranges, and cherries, and grapes, and even fruit mix.

The most popular flavors are cherry, grape, orange, grapefruit.Although citrus fruits are considered to be agents of allergies, people are actively buying these juices because of their memorable flavors.

puree or juice?

recently hit the stores, new products under the brand name Rich - at first glance this juice, but is in fact innovation is the fruit or berry puree.There are two kinds of mashed potatoes: fruit mix and baby fruit puree.

Fruit Mix, usually suitable for more than adults than kids.Its style and design of the packaging is not so bright, it is close to the normal package of juice Rich.But this sauce is quite convenient to carry - soft but sturdy packaging does not take much space even in the smallest purse.

Baby puree Rich - it's great for kids who love to eat something sweetly, but at the same time satisfying and rewarding.The manufacturer took care of that baby puree was really childish - as a "gift" to the buyer offered to young designers-caps.That is mashed closed by a cover which, in turn, is the constructor.For example, collecting a few caps and express their imagination, the child will be able to make something with their own hands.In addition, mashed potatoes, as well as juice "Rich", contains no preservatives, which is beneficial to children's health and immunity.

What do buyers

Of course, everyone is interested in what people think of juice Rich those who have tried it on taste.It should be noted that this product more than once held all kinds of testing and tasting.

During the tasting tests, which were hidden the names of various juices, it turned out that Rich juice buyers prefer most.People who participated in the testing indicated that in these juices can feel the harmony of sugar and taste good.In many other juices often marked imbalance of sugar or its almost complete absence.

During testing also noted that Rich really juice is made from natural juice and not diluted with water.Some brands are slightly "overdoing" with water, making their products are not as tasty as it was intended.

The only thing that confuses buyers is often the acquisition of most of the juices - the price.As mentioned earlier, not everyone will be able to pay for a liter of juice about 80 rubles.But for some it is not the price for natural products.


As they say, how many people in the world, so many opinions.

can an infinite number of times to talk, the juice is good or not, but still everyone remains at the opinion.

About Rich juices can say that it really is those juices which deserve the attention of buyers.If you want to plunge into the world of bright and rich flavor, be sure to try juice "Rich".A variety of flavors will satisfy almost anyone, even the most capricious customer!In addition, the juice "Rich" advertising which attracts glances from buyers - is the best choice for the whole family!