10 things you teach a happy relationship

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True love is different from casual relationships - even if they last for years.Happy attitude of many teach.You behave differently, you act as part of a team, not as a loner trying to find a place under the sun.So what can you learn ...

Misunderstanding inevitably

If you understand the word partner in its own way, and then realize that he meant something quite different, no need to dwell on it.Constant "debriefing" only destroy relationships.Sometimes what you say it will be misconstrued as your partner, and you will feel frustrated.At that point, just stand back and realize that it does not really matter.Misunderstandings turn into a problem only if you allow them to grow.Be calm and forgive misunderstandings.

Learn to trust

As you can share life with someone, if you think that he is doing something wrong every time, you should just turn away?If you do not trust your partner in questions of loyalty, integrity and care, then you are not on good terms.The best relationships start with a deep trust, and even if there will be problems (and they definitely will), it must be strong enough to keep you together.

rest from each other

course, lovers want to be together all the time.It's great to cuddle all night and be together all day long, but when the same do other things?If you work in different locations, you have to talk about this evening.When you spend time with your friends and your partner - with it, you have the time and space for themselves and the opportunity to return to each other updated.You have a chance to be bored each other and understand the true value of your relationship.

encourage growth and change

a good relationship, both partners need to grow and change.Life is one, and you have to live it to the full!If you want to get away from work to get more education, your partner should support you.If you want to try something new or to return to the old, you will again have to look for support in the relationship.And you have to give this support in return.Encourage your partner to find new hobbies, and meet interesting people.If you want your partner always remained the same, then setting yourself up for a very boring life together.

Compromise does not mean defeat

reach a compromise does not mean to give up, not to lose.In fact, just the opposite.You know how hard it is sometimes given a compromise?Do you want to do in their own way, because I think that your decision is the only right one.The same thinking your partner about his proposal.Try to look at the arguments diplomatically.What is more logical?If your partner is right, do not be afraid to say so.Take it or change the way both of your solutions by half.Most important is not to defend your point of view, and keep the relationship and help them develop.

Recognize your weaknesses

your partner thinks you are not a superhero, and I hope you also do not think it so.We are all human, everyone has weaknesses.It's okay to show them.Moreover, for a stable relationship you want your weaknesses are known.Your partner will be more sensitive to the things that bother you, and support where you need help.

Some things can be taken, but did not fix

Everyone has baggage - and you and your partner.Can you go back and delete all?So far, nobody has been able.You need to learn to live with it.Some things are easier to take than others, but the reality is that we can not always fix things.You just need to move on, otherwise your relationship will crumble.

forgive fast and really

Whenever you happen between the conflict, do not worry about who won and who lost.Learn from the conflict - from where it began, before he was allowed.Having learned once, you will be able to avoid such problems in the future.Moreover, forgive your partner.Forgive yourself.The battle is over - so leave it in the past.Never hold a grudge against your partner, because resentment will only undermine your desire to be with that person.

no need to expect anything

Do not expect your partner to read your mind or bring breakfast in bed, or offer to wash the dishes.That will not happen.It is foolish to wait for something from the people, even if they do not know.Communicate.Make sure your partner knows what you expect from the relationship, and what you think on a broad range of issues.This will help him to act carefully in relation to you, but still - do not wait.

Show your feelings

The worst thing you can do in a relationship - it is play games.Do not tease your partner, not a "Reward" of his love and affection for the "good behavior".You must be sure that your partner always feels loved.You can be happy with him, or get angry at him - it does not matter, he should still feel your love.No, you do not have to hide your emotions - just make sure you have done everything possible to ensure that the partner understood you correctly.And do not skimp on love.In the end, after all and was started for her, right?

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