What to expect if the dream of a bear?

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What did not see in a dream!Often the heroes of our dreams we ourselves, and supporting roles performed by other people known to us or not.But it happens that a man comes to the place of an animal.It can be real or imaginary, to be able to talk or to do some other things: for example, to attack us.But do not worry: the fact he had a dream that only a surprise, frighten and warn against real dangers in life.Want to know what to expect if the dream of a bear?Then read on.

Bear in his sleep - "big" good luck

large animal must mean some big, big event.The way it is.Only here it is explained by the different dream book differently.Let's examine their interpretation.One of the nice explanation of what had a bear - you expect a good win in gambling.It is also beneficial to hunt a bear in a dream, and even more so - to kill him.This means that you will be able to get out of a difficult situation, to cope with the obstacles, to find a way out of the impasse.As a result, the skin of the bear, the expansion of your desk chair, promises success in career and improving the material condition.

What color is the bear tell?

matters and color of the animal.If you had a white bear, it is a signal of your credulity: you are easily fooled, wishful thinking, so be careful.Although some downers suggest otherwise.For example, if a woman dreamed of polar bears, it is surrounded by the affection and love.In this sense, a lot depends on the subconscious imagery, rooted in childhood.When the dream brown animal, more important than the color and behavior.So try to remember the details.

How does the bear in your dream?

What story had your sleep?If you had a bear who dances or acts in the circus, you can get a large loan from a bank or win at the casino.If the animal is drowning, it is likely to incur heavy losses.About loss and says the situation when you fall into the clutches of the beast.Did you dream you know exactly what to eat bear meat: it is a sign of first wedding in the family or a bargain.

Bear for women and men

Some dream books that had a bear, explained from the perspective of gender.For a woman it is a boyfriend, and with good condition and the status of, or competitor, which is about would lead to your partner.It all depends on the perception of the animal in a dream: it is a female or male.For men, the bear is the epitome of a strong opponent, perhaps a competitor in business or love.It is necessary to pay off the radar, is there in your environment more powerful and influential people that can create problems in business, as well as the relationship with a woman.Bear, located in the raspberry patch - a manifestation of the desire to make love with someone else's partner.And if the animal is near its young, that sexual relationships can bring problems.

Listen to your feelings

These are values ​​have dreams in which one of the protagonists is a bear.It's always something important and large, be it success, win, loss, or deal with the opposite sex.In assessing and trying to explain why you had a bear, think about your association with these animals, children's performances.Maybe for you it represents something pleasant, joyful, or, on the contrary, embodies some longstanding fears danger.