Agreement on cooperation

Cooperation Treaty is one of the most versatile.It services and business, and a variety of civil legal relations involving joint action to achieve common goals.

This type of contract is different from the others some features.In practice, often there is not right, and combine the interests of many parties to the contract that involve multiple participants simultaneously.As a rule, it is a continuing character, without a clear time frame.Cooperation Treaty, a sample of which can be used to produce its different types, depending on the characteristics of the overall activity is a standard document.

According to the agreement the person to sign it pledge to connect the contributions to the joint activity and act without forming a legal entity in order to achieve a profit in the framework of the law.

Cooperation Treaty as the parties involves commercial organizations or individual entrepreneurs, if the goal is profit.The number of sides is not limited to quantitatively can even reach several hundred.

subject of the contract - the joint implementation of certain activities of its members, the objectives of which shall not contravene the law.This form is onerous, although there are rare exceptions.

important condition for the signing of the document is the size and type of the contributions of all the participants, the order and timing of their introduction.It is also a mandatory part of the contract are the points of view and type of activity, conditions of reimbursement for maintenance of common property.

can conclude a cooperation agreement on a fixed term and without his guidance.The end of his actions can be linked to the achievement of goal (making a profit from the event, the end of construction, etc.)

contributions of the participants recognized all that is brought to a common cause: money, property, knowledge, skills, business reputation or relationships.The contributions of individual participants are supposed to be equal, but the contract may be prescribed, and other conditions.The monetary valuation of the contributions can be made at the request of participants.

property contributed by the contract, is used in the common interest of all parties to the agreement and is becoming common.However, the party has the right to dispose of their shares even without the consent of others.

Cooperation Treaty requires that all decisions relating to the common affairs of the parties, by mutual consent, unless otherwise prescribed in the conditions.Everyone has the right to get acquainted with all the documentation on the conduct of business (bills, contracts, etc.).This right can not be restricted under any circumstances.

joint activities conducted for profit, the contract provides for its distribution among participants in shares in proportion to their contribution to the cause, if there is no other written conditions and not concluded any additional agreement.Excluded from participation in the profits of any of the signatories of the treaty impossible.If

in activities incur losses, they should be covered by the agreement in the prescribed manner.In the absence of this paragraph in the document, each participant will carry them in proportion to their contribution to the cause.

If the contract is not related to the business, the general obligations of the participants meet the personal property of the proportional contribution.If the document is linked to entrepreneurship, the responsibility for the obligations of the participants is jointly and severally.

refuse to participate in the agreement can be if it were concluded without specifying the period, three months before release.Also, the contract may be terminated on the grounds of claim 1 st.1050 GC.

sample of the cooperation agreement can be downloaded from the Internet and make it all add-ons that may not be in a standard form on the basis of the characteristics of the particular circumstances.