How to write from the apartment tenants how to write from the apartment of the child , whether it is possible to write from the apartment of the child , documents , legislation on discharge of children

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housing problem has not lost its relevance today.Particularly ticklish now sounds the issue of registration and discharge of residents from their own homes.The fact is that as long as all the people who want to find work in the capital, require registration, but rather a registration to sell this same registration has become very profitable.However, you can register at only a limited number of people.Each time members of the relevant authorities to carefully calibrate, whether enough space to another person or not.Therefore, many enterprising people began to think about how to write from an apartment people who have long lived there.

This question worries and those who decided to sell his flat to buy a new one.There may be a more difficult problem: how to write from the apartment of the child.And some have problems after the divorce: the apartment does not want to be discharged ex-husband, and therefore without his consent to dispose of the property will be very difficult.

Why even have to know how to write from an apartment someone else?The fact that some utilities may be charged to you in view of all the people living in the apartment and registered in it.That is, it is possible that you will pay money for someone who has long been living there.Extract thus allows you to save some, sometimes quite substantial, the funds.

So, how to write an unwanted person from the apartment?If the issue is not solved peacefully, the court will always help.The case of discharge beginning to consider from the moment you write the statement, which will be labeled "eviction-so-so in connection with moving to another place of residence".

However, if in the apartment for a long time people did not live in this room and did not pay for utilities, it will not be possible to write: while he does not pay the debt, it will be registered in this living space.That is the law.

Housing Code and details the disposition of property after divorce.The fact is that if the apartment was bought by one of the spouses before marriage, the second after the termination of their marital union would have to give up all rights to the first housing area that is discharged voluntarily.

What happens to children in the sale of housing?To write from the apartment of the child, you must provide a certificate stating that he was registered in another area of ​​the same apartment.Otherwise, his statement of privatized apartments, as well as any transactions on the order of housing will not be possible.All of this is fixed by law.In any case, if you want to write from the territory of the apartment of the child, you will have to settle the issue with the guardianship.The easiest way to go to the passport office and learn how to write from the apartment children, that this should be done.If you have to deal with the bodies of guardianship, good enough to get a decent arguments to convince the commission that the child will be registered and will have a permanent place of residence.

There is another very controversial point concerns how to write from the apartment of man, who is serving a prison sentence.Prescribe it can also be through the courts.To do this, simply bring a copy of the sentence of the person.However, after the prisoner will leave period, he is entitled to recover the registration.But to dispose of the property, including selling living space, you can not without the consent of the prisoner, even if you will be discharged through the courts.

Many are concerned not only the question of how to write from the apartment of a Superfluous Man, and what documents are needed for this.So, to make this procedure, the passport office need to bring your passport, documents confirming the right of ownership, as well as all inquiries, which can cause a discharge from the premises of a person.