Changing names after marriage: pros and cons

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Every girl after marriage wonders - change the name in the passport or not.Someone decides to leave her, and someone takes her husband's name.The reasons for this choice can be completely different:

  • are family traditions;
  • soon happen additions to the family;
  • husband insists on change of name.

changed his name after the wedding will entail changes to the most important documents, such as national passport, health insurance identification number, employment record, driver's license, and many others.Taking into account the Russian mentality and attitude toward paperwork, changes to documents takes a long period of time.Crazy turn in offices, nuances fill orders and collect the necessary data leads to some nervous breakdowns.

Depending on brakosochetayuschihsya desire in the marriage certificate indicates common surname or former surname of each spouse.Single name for both spouses apply any groom or bride, by mutual agreement, or they charge double.Under the law, the name of the spouses may consist of a maximum of two premarital connected by a hyphen.Changing the name on her passport is indicated by a special mark at the desired point during the filling of the application you wish to enter into marriage.

wedding day in the passport of one who changes the name, is stamped to indicate that at the expiration of one month, this document will be considered invalid.The marriage certificate is issued has a new name.

to documents that are not subject to amendments include: documents for ownership of real estate, a certificate of higher education (diploma).They just need to make a certificate at the conclusion of marriage.

Most importantly, remember that the deadline for the exchange of documents is limited, because if you forget this, you will find many surprises in different situations.

changed his name after the wedding: positive and negative sides

The advantage is that:

  • many special females believe that the overall surname brings spouses.In turn, their husbands in the not discouraged, and some are even offended if a girl refuses to take his name;
  • common name of all members of the family - it's convenient, especially if you are waiting for a refill.After mom just do not have to prove that it is her child, and she had a different last name.And all the children are usually the father's name;
  • can change any last name for a beautiful and spectacular.

downside is that:

  • have to make changes in many documents.Just imagine, you want to enjoy the first month of married life, and then this tape;
  • if his wife was held in the professional field and is quite popular in his name, change of name after marriage is unjust;
  • if the future husband has a dissonant name, which is not compatible with either the name or the name of the bride to her or she does not like, it is best to leave everything unchanged.After all, if the bride changed her last name after the wedding, will Joan Muhamedovna Plevako, no requests for the groom and his family certainly can not be a reason to go to such a sacrifice.
  • Regarding the relatives.Family and friends of the groom's relatives may offend more himself when the newly formed couple retain different surnames.Do not let on you to press firmly and mark the position that change or not change - it's up to you.

So, each process has its pros and cons, which should not overshadow your honeymoon, so the change of name after marriage should not lead you to despair.