Development of documentation in the field of waste management

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Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in any activity and, consequently, waste management, are obliged to make their inventory and to develop the necessary legislation in accordance with the documentation.That is, even a small company, small room renting office and are not produced in the course of activities is nothing but paper covered with writing, and sleeping bags of tea, should have the necessary documents.

Development documentation in the field of waste management includes:

- inventory;

- the development of standards for waste;

- development of guidelines for the treatment of industrial waste;

- development of documentation for authorization to place (storage and disposal) of waste production;

- approval documentation of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Environment and permits.

inventory. According to the Instruction on the order of inventory of waste production, approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the inventory is held once a year or after 1 July, except in cases of early inventory (identification of new waste products, changes in technological processes of production, changes in inventoryproducts, changes in raw materials used for production, reconstruction / upgrading or conversion of production, the availability of prescription territorial bodies Ministry of Natural Resources, the decision of the organization).Dates of the inventory commission for its implementation, structural units in which the inventory is held, the list defined by the order responsible for carrying out the inventory, signed by the head.At the preparatory stage specified information about the kinds of activity of the organization, credentials (statistical and accounting), the agreement on transfer of waste, acts of acceptance, ecological passport for the transportation of waste and other documents on the use of (neutralization, storage, disposal), a process flow diagram detailsconsumption of raw materials.Next Property Survey conducted a survey - refined and map locations of sources of waste generation, storage, defined by the name of waste, the measurements (weighing), made the necessary calculations, all the results are issued.Further classification is made in accordance with the classifier.After the inventory is drawn up the inventory approved by the head of the inventory commission.

Development of standards. In case of detection in the inventory of new waste regulations have been changed.

Instructions for waste disposal. developed anew, and in the case of - changes are made in the identification of new species.

documentation for obtaining permits. In the case of waste, the degree of danger and the class is not defined, their definition is made.

Permits.Designed documents supplied to the territorial authority Ministry of Natural Resources, which issues the necessary permits.