Bagua grid: the use of feng shui to improve

In our world, it is very important to the environment and humans in harmony with each other.This balance can be obtained using Feng Shui.With properly placed mascots and symbols of the zone of Bagua, which are sacred to the regular octagon trigrams around and inside the center, form the basis of all Feng Shui, providing a clear and precise guidelines for the improvement of our homes.They use these areas to ensure that the positive energy surrounding us, will not disappear.

to save the Qi energy is used so-called grid Bagua, components which correspond to the sides of the world and have their own symbols.South corresponds to glory, south-east - the richness, the southwest is responsible for love and marriage.East stands for family life center - Health, west - Children and Creativity.North symbolizes career, north-east - the wisdom, northwest - travel and help.

determine the location of trigrams that make up the grid Bagua, it became known to people about two thousand years.Adherence to the system and its rules in conjunction with its own active position and a desire to express themselves, to achieve peace and prosperity will get the desired result and get things done.

among fans of Feng Shui spread the legend that the layout of the grid Bagua trigrams formed thanks to the gods, send them via the image on the back of a turtle crawled ashore.This reptile later discovered the sage Fu Xi, who was able to decipher the mysterious trigrams.

According to Feng Shui, then everything that happens in our lives, can be divided into nine positions and aspects of life.If all of these combine them together in the right order, forming a grid Bagua.Each zone is equal to the size of the previous one and is responsible for a certain area of ​​life - health, money, love and so on.

to determine the specific location of the zone of Bagua, you need to use a compass.

To begin to determine where the apartment is located in the north, and break up of our home for nine sectors.North side and the grid Bagua in the plan are aligned at a certain point, it is important to pay attention to the area of ​​interest to us to activate them.If any field is not enough room on the plane, you can define it in the next room.

Knowing your number of Bagua, which is determined individually with the calculation of your gender and date of birth, you can make your own octagonal Bagua and determine which group you belong.

When you decide exactly what you want to get or achieve, you need to calculate the number of Bagua with the help of literature, which is now quite a lot.Then you can start to learn the special characters and mascots, while gradually improving their lives.

Superfluous parties is not here - all topics are equally useful and important in the Bagua (Feng Shui is considering all aspects of life).All zones are in direct proportion to each other, and if any party is weakened (eg, love), this negative impact will affect the other aspects of life, such as family relationships and health.If all parties Bagua in your house strong and balanced, it's just perfect.Therefore, should not some zone strengthened, while others do not, otherwise it will adversely affect all areas.You can gain wealth but lose something else.Everything must be balanced.There should be only dominant center, which symbolizes the unity and health.If you can not decide how to start improving the area, start from the center and you will not go wrong!

Argued that all the criteria adhere to the system is optional.This is not true!Keep in mind that the design of targeted areas like Bagua favorable impact of Qi energy in the room is increased by all the relevant areas of your life.