What are the kinds of religions in the world

in cosmic space there are many different beliefs.From time immemorial, people acknowledged the existence of a higher intelligence, worshiped him, looking for ways to achieve spiritual perfection and the meaning of life.But all nationalities went their own way, so in the world there are different kinds of religions.Now there are quite a lot of them.All religion as different from each other and have a lot in common.

Currently in the world there are such kinds of religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam, and Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Sikhism and others.One of the major religions of the world can be called Christianity is based on faith in the Triune God, as well as his son called Jesus Christ, who came into the world in human form to save people and give them eternal life.Christianity calls people to love God and all people, to the creation of good, humility and struggle with their sins.

from other world religions, Christianity is distinguished by its divine.It is understood that this religion did not create people like, for example, in the case of Hinduism, as the Lord Himself gave the shelf.Christianity, in turn, is divided into Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism.These kinds of religions, although similar faith in Jesus Christ, but there are differences in the interpretation of Scripture and Tradition.In Catholicism, for example, the head of the church is not Jesus Christ, as the Orthodox, and the Pope.Protestants generally inclined to interpret the Bible as someone like that.

Another one of the world's religions - Islam - is somewhat similar to Christianity.It also has its God - Allah, who is the judge of all human actions.But these kinds of religions have a significant difference.If Christianity is of paramount importance humility and freedom of choice, Islam dictates strict rules and strict obedience.Both the religions prescribe their followers to be kind, fair, and help other people.

fairly widespread religion is Buddhism also, the ultimate goal of which - the achievement of nirvana.From the above it is characterized by the belief that man is left to himself, no one will not be saved, the Buddha only points the way to salvation.However, this religion also teaches people to love and goodness.Ancient religion is Judaism, which arose in Palestine among the Jewish tribes.It differs from Christianity and Islam that Jews consider themselves the chosen people and reject Christ, waiting for the Messiah.

addition to these basic, in the world as there are other kinds of religions.This, for example, Hinduism that combines different directions and principles, does not have a single integrated system.The Indian people, there is also Sikhism, Hinduism as a variety that combines the traits of Islam.The Chinese nation has Taoism - religion, forming the faithful a good attitude to the world and compassion for one's neighbor.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that, in principle, all religions realize that our earthly life is not the ultimate goal, and recognize the higher spiritual powers.Of course, the concept of morality and spirituality in all religions are different, but even there some ancient paganism mindfulness associated with the original man of communion with God.The word "religion" is an ancient orator and writer Cicero explained as "awe", that is the worship of a higher power.

I wonder what in the world since ancient times, there are different kinds of churches.In different parts of the world can see Orthodox churches, a Lutheran church, Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples and Jewish synagogues.Traveling to different countries, you can see groves kyusoto, Sami Sejdiu udmurskie kuala, barns and sacred, where people come to his god Khanty and Mansi.Man has always aspired to a higher understanding and knowledge of their purpose on earth, hence a number of the world's religious beliefs.