How do you know that it is suitable for marriage?

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So you're dating for quite some time?and you slowly start to try his name, to represent themselves in a wedding dress, imagine whom your children will be like ... But New Year, birthday, March 8, and Valentine's days pass without the long-awaited ring as a gift.He needs more time, or he's just not one of those who are married?Here are a few signs that you went to the second option ...

1. He says he does not want to marry.

It would seem - so simple, he confessed!But we, naive creation, all believe that we can "fix" it, to reason, to direct the right way, that is - the wedding.But in reality just need to get away, leaving him alone with his unit.You can not change it for themselves, but a spent force, nerves and time wasted.

2. He does not walk up with friends.

And we are not talking about Don Juan.He needs his friends, his company, stag, Friday beer, bowling Saturday, Sunday sauna, monthly fishing ... In fact, this Peter Pan has simply grown up and mature enough to act alone without feeling mob buddies behind.

3. He is a workaholic.

Better to throw it if the work is he in the first place.For it there is not going anywhere, and you will, at least in the second position.These men just one day wake up and find that is already bald, and the children have not brought.

4. He was married.

Not to mention the fact that he now has a negative attitude to marriage, he still has a former wife or - even worse - children require money and attention.Whether you need this "b / y shny" option?We do not think so!It is better to find someone with whom you will experience a positive experience of marriage together!

5. His parents divorced.

He just did not have a positive example of a family in front of the eyes, and if he had lived with his mother - something else and did not know about the responsibilities of a husband toward his wife.Furthermore, it is likely to remain psychological trauma, which need to work with a psychologist.

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