What do you call a company: examples of names

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name - a promise ... the first thing that a consumer finds out about the company or its product ...

Henry Charmesson

name for the organization can be compared with the person's name.It becomes crucial, it reveals personality traits and highlights among the crowd.Each company also has its own character and features.

successful name reflects the value of the company and its products in the minds of customers.Few know that the Caribbean island known as Paradise, did not attract tourists is called swine."Goosebumps" China has become popular in the United States, after turned into a "kiwi".

What do you call a company?Examples of successful brand names to help assess the current value of the naming.

naming What is the quality?

Naming - is not just a play on words, as a significant element of marketing.Professional selection of names for companies, products, brands is becoming increasingly important.

naming Quality is the foundation of a competitive brand, and effectively promote the market.The main objective is to position his firm, goods, services.

Naming used to solve a variety of problems, including:

  1. necessary to emphasize the special characteristics, distinguish the product among others.
  2. desire to bring about positive associations and emotions: trust, admiration, interest.

Sour "Cottage" or restaurant "Demyanova ear" ... The good name of the company the ability to inspire staff, a good basis for the promotion of the brand.

5 phases of the name

  • positioning, definition of market segment

Without marketing research it is impossible to create a brand.Who is the target audience?What group of potential customers belong to?What is a niche market and the strategy of the company.For example, in highly specialized travel agencies indicate the name of "exotic wedding."

  • standards and requirements

What criteria must comply with the name?How a company called?Examples should reflect the business strategy and fit into the situation on the market.

  • develop ideas

Brainstorming, group discussion and questioning employees.Ideas can be generated in any manner, but at this stage it is important to refrain from criticism.

  • Analysis ideas

Evaluation of options and how they correspond to the original standards.Semantic and phonetic analysis of names.Lexical and psycholinguistic examination.

  • Testing

To "field testing" attracted the target audience, customers or potential customers, who ultimately decide what to call the company.Examples include a survey.Testing organizations often engaged in research companies.

compulsory element of naming is required for registration due diligence developed titles.In many cases, you want to draw attention to the significance of the name in foreign languages.

Thus, all the extensive work on a new name - it's two steps.Firstly, it is necessary to formulate a message to the customer, and secondly, to translate the message into a commercial form.

10 ways to choose a name for the company

  1. use the language and the words of the client.What values ​​in the product or service a prospective buyer?What is the benefit it will receive?The proposed product should be close and understandable to the consumer, as "your realtor" or "Agusha."
  2. help enrich vocabulary dictionaries.Original ideas can be found through association dictionaries, monolingual or foreign.
  3. The information collected will help to formulate the organization's mission, to come up with slogans.It is not necessary to start with the name.Naming - it is a creative process.
  4. analysis of the names of competing firms.In choosing the name is worth considering their successful versions or errors - for example, such curiosities as the company "Labor corn," barbershop "new hair" and the bank "Padun."
  5. Do not rush to delete the selected ideas from the list, and remove them for a few days.After one to two weeks to assess decent option with fresh eyes will be easier.
  6. Before finally deciding what to call the company, examples worth checking for uniqueness.
  7. rank consumers' opinions can greatly speed up the search.This is not enough just to turn to friends or relatives.Organize a customer survey to assess the options selected, have them come up with their own names.
  8. In some cases it is useful to look at the world around us.Brilliant idea can be born unexpectedly.The founder of Adobe chose this name in honor of the river near his home.Remember that registration as a trademark generic and specific terms possible.
  9. Use data psycholinguistics, choosing to call a company.Examples of names, according to research, produce results in the selection of the right combination of alphabetic.It is recommended to use the letter "D", "L" (causing joyful emotions).The letter "K" informs customers about the speed.But the hissing or deaf better not to take, they set up in the negative.The letter "Z", as it turned out, causes fear.
  10. technician education has more than thirty titles.From the titles of the classic Latin roots to rhyming names.For example, the creator of the world sports brand Adolf Dasler among friends has been known as the Adi (turned slozhnosokraschennoe «Adidas»).

How to name the construction company?Examples

name for a construction company needs to focus on the target audience and reflect the scope of the firm."Bystrostroy" - selection, as the good name of the company, which specializes in the construction of houses in a short time.

agency "Apartments de luxe" category will attract customers to a certain income, and the "new house" - a more democratic name.

What do you call a company?Examples of names, such as "Strojgarant", "Stroytekh" understood by the public and credible.Intrigues "Stroygefest", "mild" or "StroySiti."Abbreviation is not suitable because it can scare off potential customers.

for organizations working with individuals appropriate simple version of "Hercules," "StroyNaVek."In cooperation with foreign partners, it is important to think carefully about what to call the construction company.Examples should reflect professionalism.Preferably memorable name in English.For example, «Leader Builder» or «Prof building».

Choice of law firm names

industry standards greatly influence the conservative legal business.The choice of options for the name of the company is limited.What do you call a law firm?

examples show that became traditional names with a Latin terminology or euphonious names of partners, coupled with the general concepts ("advice", "Law League", "bureau", "Group").New words are also used, but not always associated with the client their legal activities.

To the best options include «Zetra» or "Asters".This is an example of how short and consonant names among the clear benefit to the public of titles such as "legal assistance".

popular names bearing monumentality, confidence and positive."YurMagistry", "Arman", "Legal Center" or "Legal Company".

Naming trade name

Marketing positioning and promoting the product.What do you call a trading company?Examples should be memorable and beautiful.A harmonious perception of the name of the ear plays an important role.It sells what causes pleasant associations.

to trading houses and networks are frequently used titles with superlatives (Mega, Extra, Maxi, Super).An interesting method of misspelled words."GastroGnom" instead of "Deli», «StakeHolders» instead of «Steakholders».

Pops uses a play on words, such as fishing shop "Cleve place," shop "Terry paradise", where they sell bathrobes and towels.

In any case, you should avoid faceless names like "World of Taste" or "great product."

How to choose a name for the furniture company?

furniture market is one of the most rewarding.In order to stand out from the competition, must be original, but of course, the name sells.

As a furniture company called?Examples - such as "Servant`S", "Sofa Divanich" or "Mr.Mebel" will play the role of advertising and save money on promotion.

Many manufacturers strive to master a specific market niche.For small and medium-sized companies is a useful emphasis on activity and specialization."Furniture workshop / studio ...", "The formula of the sofa", "your kitchen".

Luxury furniture, taking into account the interests of wealthy clients will require name, underlines the status of "GrantMebel", "Furniture house", "IntererLyuks."

There are also funny name "soft spot" (sells sofas and armchairs), the company "Sidaun" or under the name of "furniture".

In fact, 90% of all items for the brands were invented "on the knee" directors or managers of organizations.By the work of professional namer include only 10% of the market names.It is noteworthy that these 10% own 90% of the market!